These Movie Stars Look Completely Different From Their First Roles!

Actors and actresses don’t become these monumental stars in one night. Acting is something they’ve put tons of hours towards, all so they can portray someone else on the big screen and satisfy millions of others. Their first roles might not be their most significant, but it helps put them in positions to land that career-changing character. For example, did you know Vince Vaughn was in the sports classic, Rudy? Not many know that, but if you continue reading, you’ll find out way more surprising facts about the first films your favorite stars played in and what their latest is.

Jamie Lee Curtis: 1978/2019

jamie lee before and after
Falcon International Productions/T-Street
Falcon International Productions/T-Street

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the original scream queens. In 1978, she helped launch the Halloween franchise, which would continue on for decades to come. Curtis versus Michael Myers is always a great matchup.

Her latest role was in 2019’s Knives Out. She plays Linda Drysdale, a real estate mogul running a company with the support of her husband. Two very different characters, but still an optimal performance from her end as the great actress she is.