Movie Scenes That Actually Terrified The Actors Filming Them

Some movies are made to evoke feelings like happiness from the audience. Some movies, on the other hand, are designed to do the opposite. They make the audience feel distressed, anxious and even horrified. At the end of the day we all know that a movie is fake, but many time, for the actors, it isn’t.

In order to achieve genuine emotions of fear, sometimes actors are put into uncomfortable situations where they’re no longer acting — they’re experiencing real emotions. Although this may not seem like the nicest way to go about things, it’s these scenes that help make movie history.

One Of The Biggest Shocks In Alien Was Genuine

Twentieth Century Fox
Twentieth Century Fox

The “chestburster” scenewhen the baby alien explodes from the astronaut’s chest in the original Alien —shocked and horrified not just the audience, but the cast as well. While the special effects were impressive enough, it was the actor’s reaction that solidified the scene because it seemed so genuine, which it was. Unknown to the cast, director Ridley Scott had actor John Hurt taken aside and secretly equipped with a device that would spray the other actors with rancid pig blood and organs.

After they were sprayed with the pig organs, the next shot of their reactions was completely real as they were disgusted and shocked. Maybe a little rude on the director’s part, but it made the scene amazing.