These Fast Food Items Keep The People Coming Back For More

Were you aware that fast food is a $234 billion industry in America? It makes sense; we’re always in a hurry, so what better way to fix that than by having options ready on demand? In 2018, there were around 247,191 fast-food establishments in America and that number steadily rises each year. Even with all those options to choose from, people are bound to have a favorite order that they prefer over the rest. Thanks to data provided by QSR magazine, we’re able to identify which fast food menu items Americans enjoy the most. Continue reading and see if yours made this list.

The Ultimate Breakfast Companion

holding a hashbrown

Once McDonald’s added the option of ordering certain breakfast items throughout the day, it changed the game. While the fries are what people go crazy over, the hash browns are right up there.

Not only are they crunchy, but if you eat them while they’re hot and add a bit of pepper with ketchup, you’ve got yourself a perfect side item. Even if you’re not a fan of hash browns, these have the potential to turn you into a believer.