You’ll Get The Creeps At These Haunted Cemeteries!

Anyone looking for late-night ghost hunting sessions knows that cemeteries can be great places to go. Not only are these resting places genuinely creepy, but many of them are also reported to be haunted by the spirits sleeping there! From the voodoo queen of New Orleans to Edgar Allan Poe whispering “nevermore” in Baltimore, certain cemeteries need to be seen to be believed. These are the most haunted cemeteries and gravesites in the world that you definitely want to avoid in the middle of the night!

The Voodoo Queen Wanders The St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

st louis cemetery most haunted grave sites
P. L. Sperr/Archive Photos/Getty Images
P. L. Sperr/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Located in New Orleans Louisiana, the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is littered with ghostly activity. The most famous soul haunting the ground, however, is Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Although little of her actual history is known, the legend of who she was has lived on for over 100 years.

Make sure to bring your tape recorder to get an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session as you wind your way through the paths and the mausoleum. This place is huge, and you never know where Laveau will show up to say hello.