The Most Expensive Sets In Movie History

A good movie can transport audiences to another world. This can be done through talented acting, elaborate costumes and makeup, strong special effects, brilliant writing and directing, and a larger-than-life set. Sometimes when a set is over the top it can end up costing the movie studio a lot of money.

It’s hard to imagine iconic films such as Titanic, Waterworld, and Cleopatra without their massive cinematic sets. There are so many aspects that go into making a complete movie set and the process has evolved for many decades. These are the most expensive movie sets to make it onto the big screen.

The Matrix Reloaded Built An Entire Freeway

the cast of the matrix reloaded standing together
Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures

The Matrix Reloaded is the second film in the science fiction movie franchise. In order to keep up with the massive success of its predecessor, it was made with one of the largest budgets of the 21st century. About $2.5 million of the $150 million budget was used just for one set.

The team built a replica of a busy freeway for a huge car chase scene. It wasn’t possible to film it on a real road because it involved a lot of dangerous stunts. The road measured at 1.5 miles long and was built on an airbase in California.