Monopoly Is Monopolizing On Every Version Of The Game You Could Possibly Imagine

As one of the most popular games in America, Monopoly has garnished a reputation for showing—in the most basic sense—how capitalism works. The game hasn’t remained popular by simply staying the same. Monopoly has adapted its rules, pieces, boards, and devices dozens of times in order to stay relevant and to appeal to as many audiences as possible.

From Monopoly Millennials to Marvel Comic’s Collectors and everything in between, Monopoly is staying relevant with all these unique versions of the classic board game. Here are some examples that show how far Monopoly has gone to capitalize on itself.

Monopoly: Socialism Is A Parody Of The Game

A photo shows the Monopoly Socialism gameboard from above
Nick Kapur/ Twitter
Nick Kapur/ Twitter

Monopoly took a risk with its new Socialism edition. Adjustments to the game shed a dark light on players cooperating towards a “utopian society,” or so the game’s description calls it. Opposed to the usual $200, players get $50 when they pass go. The game structures itself around various opportunities for players to either help the collective group or to help themselves.

This version has stirred up more controversy than other editions with people arguing that it gets socialism wrong and makes fun of it. Ironically, Monopoly was invented to critique capitalism. Apparently, this version does the exact opposite.