Miserable Dads Going To Pop Concerts With Their Daughters Is True Love Personified

When you’re a father, you’re expected to make sacrifices for your children. Sometimes, this includes taking them to see their favorite boy band or some other kind of pop music that you’ve never heard of. You probably won’t enjoy it and you’ll spend the whole time wishing you were anywhere else, but it’s your job to try. These dads are demonstrating what it means to love their daughters unconditionally and are putting their mind and bodies to the test to do so. These are some of the bravest and most dedicated dads attending a pop concert with their daughter.

Some dads will do anything it takes for a minute of peace and quiet.

“Honey, I Made A Mistake”


Photo Credit: jlct / imgur

This is the look of a man who has admitted defeat. He’s on the phone, but it’s unlikely that he can hear anything over the shrieks of the little girls around him, or the music coming from the stage. On the bright side, he has somewhere to sit; not all dads have that luxury.