Meet The Wealthiest Plastic Surgeons And Their Celebrity Clients

After years upon years of medical school, it’s no surprise that becoming a surgeon can net a big salary — after all, these doctors hold their patients’ lives in their hands day after day. And when it comes to the most lucrative specialties, plastics is high on the list — especially if you’re a doc who wants to rake in the big bucks. Being a plastic surgeon can mean long days filled with lipo treatments and tummy tucks, but it also means massive paychecks. Here are some of the wealthiest plastic surgeons around who are living everyone’s dream life when they’re not at work. And having tons of celeb clients to spread the word about how much they love their procedures can’t hurt, either.

Dr. Miami’s All Over Snapchat


Formally, he’s Dr. Michael Salzhauer, but you probably know him as Dr. Miami, especially if you follow him on social media. This man is famous for broadcasting his surgeries on social media. This sometimes means we see familiar faces, like Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, getting a lift or two on Snapchat. Although he’s best-known for his “mommy makeovers,” Dr. Miami is on top of everything. From trending procedures like Brazilian butt lifts to the old standbys like liposuction and breast lifts, he does it all. It helps when potential clients can see him working straight from their phones before they decide if they want him to be their doc!

And He’s Bringing In The Money


Dr. Miami’s gained a lot more than clout since becoming a plastic surgeon. These days, his net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.8 million, and if you follow him on Instagram, you can tell. He’s constantly hanging out with celebs and taking exotic vacations, like a trip to Dubai last year. And even though he’s made it big, Dr. Miami has sincerely tried not to forget the little people. His office is still open to walk-ins certain days of the week (as long as you get there early!) and he tries to keep his prices as affordable as possible… at least, as affordable as plastic surgery can be, anyway.

Dr. Terry Dubrow Fixes Famous Faces


If you’ve ever heard of Botched, you’ve heard of Dr. Terry Dubrow. His net worth is estimated to be about $30 million, and after considering the kind of career he’s had, it’s easy to see how the money started piling up. This guy has been all over reality TV, even working on Fox’s short-lived show The Swan, but he’s better known for fixing other surgeon’s mistakes on Botched. While working on the show, Dr. Dubrow also got to work with many celebrity clients, including Janice Dickinson, Farrah Abraham, and the Shannon twins, fixing major surgery errors that left them unhappy with their appearance.

And He’s Living The Life


If you’re not convinced by Dr. Dubrow’s wealth, all you have to do is watch Real Housewives of Orange County, where his wife Heather Dubrow is part of the cast. And even though most of the photos he shares on Instagram depict his family life, Terry’s account is proof positive that he’s really enjoying his wealth. Every shot that includes the interiors of his home is proof that he and Heather really are living in their dream house, and he’s been busy going on all kinds of vacations and adventures. Dr. Dubrow, can we please join your family? We know you have a lot of kids already, but we want in.

Dr. Kevin Sands Is All About The Teeth


Since joining Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills, Dr. Sands is gaining tons of fame for his cosmetic dentistry work, which is a little different than what most plastic surgeons do. However, his patient list includes somany celebrities, tons of whom he’s shared photos with on his website. The list ranges from Justin Bieber to Kris and Kendall Jenner, and he’s even worked on Paris Hilton and Wiz Khalifa. And if you thought work like this would get him a hefty paycheck, you’re right. Right now, his net worth is somewhere around $4.5 million, which is way more than most dentists make, for the record.

And Now, He’s Everywhere


Lately, Dr. Sands’ work has been all over the place, including TV shows and in magazines like Cosmopolitan and The Hollywood Reporter. If you’re not following him on Instagram already, you need to — his entire account basically acts as a portfolio of all the famous mouths he’s had his hands in. Plus, when he’s not working, it seems like Dr. Sands really enjoys his off time on vacay and attending glamorous events. And Kim Kardashian and Kanye West even sent him a pair of Yeezy Boosts. If that’s not a reason to get into this whole cosmetic industry, what is?


Dr. Robert Rey Is Reality Famous

If you’ve noticed a pattern of loaded plastic surgeons also being part of reality shows, you’re onto something. The two things seem to go hand in hand, especially when it comes to their ability to attract celebrity clients. In the case of Robert Rey, who has appeared on tons of talk shows (and even in commercials), he’s best known for his work on Dr. 90210 as well as The Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills. Last year, a report came out claiming that Robert is planning on writing a tell-all where he dishes on the dirt on his celebrity clients and their procedures, which would be really interesting.

So Who Has He Worked On?


Apparently, in Robert’s book, he’ll explain that he’s worked on celebrities as well as the wives of political leaders and athletes, although he’s not allowed to name names due to confidentiality. Not that he should be worried about that affecting book sales; Robert’s already built up quite a stream of wealth himself. His net worth is estimated to be around $15 million, which is a fact that makes itself clear on his Instagram; he’s always eating yummy foods, visiting his native Brazil, and filming for one TV show or another. If you want to live a life like his, be a plastic surgeon — this is the lesson we’re all learning here.

Dr. Simon Ourian Crafted A Famous Pair Of Lips

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Dr. Ourian’s name might sound unfamiliar to you, but the names of the people he’s done work on won’t. In fact, Dr. Ourian is the man responsible for crafting Kylie Jenner’s lips — the same ones she first claimed were simply the result of using a little more lip liner than usual. And it’s not just Kylie who puts her face in his hands, either; the rest of her family has, too. Khloé and Kim have both worked with him, and while talking to Khloé for an interview, he said, “Kim is very detail-oriented and knows exactly what she wants and needs, so when I work on her, it is like working with a colleague and I really enjoy it.”

And He’s Getting Handsomely Paid For It


Founding his own clinic — the Epione Clinic in Beverly Hills — and forging a bond with one of the most famous families in the country (if not the world) has seriously paid off for Dr. Ourian. His net worth isn’t readily available, but the costs of his services are more than enough to prove that he’s raking in the dough. And just in case you’re wondering if you should use the Kardashians’ favorite doc for your next surgery, well… maybe start saving up. A butt lift alone could be done for as much as $20,000. But hey, doing it his way has secured him an invite to parties at Kris Jenner’s house, so maybe the rest of us need to go to med school?


Dr. Garth Fisher Does Extreme Makeovers

If you’ve ever seen Extreme Makeover, you’ve probably seen Dr. Garth Fisher, the surgeon on hand to perform the skin removal surgeries that often take place after the physical and diet work has been done. And thanks to his talent, he’s raking in the big bucks. His net worth is around $15 million, and he’s had tons of celebrity clients, He’s worked with the Kardashians in the past, as well as with other reality stars like Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson. For the most part, he chooses to keep his famous patients private… unless, of course, he ends up appearing on their shows.

And His Lifestyle Is Impressive


And speaking of that $15 million… he’s living the life. He frequently appears on shows like The Doctors and attends exclusive events, and although on his Instagram, Garth focuses largely on his career and the work that he does as a surgeon, it’s also easy to see that he’s enjoying his money. After all, he recently opened another spa in Beverly Hills so it seems like this guy is doing quite well for himself. He’s been spending weekends away, and parties with celebs like Mariah Carey. Oh, and his practice sometimes sends private jets to pick up his clientele, if that tells you anything.

Dr. Leonard Hochstein Practices In Miami

o (2).jpg

Here’s another doctor in Miami who isn’t Dr. Miami… but he does happen to be yet another husband from the Real Housewives franchise. Dr. Leonard Hochstein hails from Russia and owns his own practice, Hochstein Med Spa. He has raked in a net worth of at least $20 million. And on top of that, he’s so renowned for his breast implants that he’s known as the Boob God. What a title! And to that point, his Instagram is overflowing with photos of the work he’s done, as well as showing the durability of his implants… like he did in one video where he ran over an implant with a car to show that it didn’t burst. That’s pretty impressive.

He’s Also Done The Reality TV Circuit


Like many of his successful surgery peers, Dr. Hochstein has also appeared on reality TV — and not just on Real Housewives. He starred in E!’s Under The Knife, and his website boasts his celebrity clientele, a roster that’s populated largely by various models and Playboy Playmates. It’s no surprise that he’s making the big bucks today, though — he’s been at this a while with more than 15 years of surgery under his belt. He and his wife Lisa can often be found taking exotic vacations and if you follow her on Instagram, you already know that she’s well-taken care of.

Dr. Paul Nassif Knows Noses


After working with Dr. Dubrow on Botched, Dr. Paul Nassif is known for being able to craft the perfect nose, and it’s easy to see why he’s found so much success. Located in Beverly Hills, he’s worked on celebrity clients right alongside Dr. Dubrow as well as on his own — and even from his not so famous patients, he’s garnered nothing but rave reviews. He’s best known for his facelifts and rhinoplasty, and also offers various skin procedures like fillers and Botox. He’s also been featured on Dr. 90210… and, yes, he used to be married to Real Housewives star Adrienne Maloof.

And As For His Wallet…


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dr. Nassif is currently worth about $14 million… not too shabby! And as far as his time away from the knife goes, social media makes it seem like he’s loving his life, what with all of his traveling (he went to Alaska last year!) and showing off that that pretty black Tesla he bought himself for his birthday. Basically, all of these real housewives are teaching us one thing: if you’re not a plastic surgeon yourself, you should probably just marry one. Unfortunately, it seems like, despite his divorce from Adrienne, Dr. Nassif is once again taken.

Dr. Aisha Baron Found Fame On Atlanta Plastics


Dr. Baron is making her mark — especially after she made her debut on Lifetime’s Atlanta Plastics. After surviving cancer herself, Dr. Baron’s main mission is to make women feel comfortable in their own body, and she specializes in giving moms their figures back after pregnancy and childbirth have taken their toll. She only joined the cast of Atlanta Plastics in 2016, but her net worth is steadily rising. These days, it’s around $550,000 which is definitely impressive. Her career is officially taking off, and it seems like she’s inspiring so many people along the way.

Her Career Is Blowing Up


According to her Instagram, Dr. Baron is incredibly passionate about what she does for a living, and that career allows her to live a life that most of us can only dream of. When she’s not spending time with her adorable baby, Dr. Baron is at tons of events — her schedule is jam-packed! And lately, it seems like she’s been booking tons of appearances and speaking engagements. After everything she’s accomplished, who wouldn’t want to hear her speak?! Oh, and for the record, it seems like she’s always getting flowers from her hubby at work. How sweet is that?!

Dr. Raj Kanodia’s Nickname Is ‘Dr. Nose’


Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

According to MoneyInc, Dr. Raj Kanodia has a net worth of approximately $2 million. He’s so well-known for working magic with rhinoplasty that People magazine calls him “Dr. Nose.” Kanodia says that the Kardashian family’s looks are the number one influence on his patients’ nose wish lists. He is a perfectionist, and once said, “I don’t have the luxury to fail, because I must deliver perfect results 100 percent of the time.” Those are reassuring words from someone with such a delicate and potentially dangerous job!

Dr. Randal Haworth On ‘The Swan’


Jerritt Clark/WireImage

With an estimated net worth of $2.4 million, Dr. Randal Haworth has done quite well for himself as a Beverly Hills-based surgeon to the stars. His fame in the operating room has led to spots on television shows and movies, such as The Swan (where he played himself). He also provided commentary on the documentaries 20 Best and Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories and 101 Biggest Celebrity Oops. In 2018, a former patient accused Dr. Haworth of some shocking behavior such as using drugs and watching inappropriate videos while in surgery. He’s been accused of malpractice in the past but those charges were dropped.