Meet The Wealthiest Plastic Surgeons And Their Celebrity Clients

After years upon years of medical school, it’s no surprise that becoming a surgeon can net a big salary — after all, these doctors hold their patients’ lives in their hands day after day. And when it comes to the most lucrative specialties, plastics is high on the list — especially if you’re a doc who wants to rake in the big bucks. Being a plastic surgeon can mean long days filled with lipo treatments and tummy tucks, but it also means massive paychecks. Here are some of the wealthiest plastic surgeons around who are living everyone’s dream life when they’re not at work. And having tons of celeb clients to spread the word about how much they love their procedures can’t hurt, either.

Dr. Miami’s All Over Snapchat


Formally, he’s Dr. Michael Salzhauer, but you probably know him as Dr. Miami, especially if you follow him on social media. This man is famous for broadcasting his surgeries on social media. This sometimes means we see familiar faces, like Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, getting a lift or two on Snapchat. Although he’s best-known for his “mommy makeovers,” Dr. Miami is on top of everything. From trending procedures like Brazilian butt lifts to the old standbys like liposuction and breast lifts, he does it all. It helps when potential clients can see him working straight from their phones before they decide if they want him to be their doc!