Married With Children: Where Are They Now? Plus Bonus Facts And Trivia

Those of us who spent much of the 90s glued to the TV remember the show

“Married With Children.” With its crass and offensive humor, it gathered an extremely large following and was a hit for Fox, which was a new network at the time of the show’s debut. You’ll never forget Al Bundy’s grouchy personality or Peggy’s whiney voice. These are characters that will go on to live in our memories as some of our favorites of all time.

Unforgettable Characters

Unforgettable Characters

Since “Married With Children” went off the air, several of its stars have gone on to have a successful movie and TV careers. Now, we’ll look at where these stars are today and visit some of the facts about the show, which you are sure to be a bit surprised about.

For an unbelievable fact about Ed O’Neill read on to #1 on our list.