These Little Known Facts About The Shield Will Have You Watching Reruns

The FX original series, The Shield, opened the door for new, innovative, and downright violent television shows to air on cable networks. Due to the risks the network took in producing the show, television ultimately changed, and screenwriters began to take bigger chances with their characters and stories.

The Shield follows a corrupt cop in a department at the LAPD called Strike Team, an anti-gang unit that was modeled after the real LAPD’s Rampart Divison. Here are some little known facts about the award-winning television drama series.

Some People Didn’t Think The Pilot Would Air

Some People Didn't Think The Pilot Would Air
Fox Television Network
Fox Television Network

Some people, namely the co-creator of Lost, Damon Lindelof, didn’t think the pilot episode of The Shield was going to air. Or, at least, the writers were going to have to change the ending if they wanted the show to be on television.

The ending has the main character, Vic Mackey, taking out an Internal Affairs rat in cold blood, a scene that is a bit violent for early 2000s television. “And when I read that, I thought to myself, ‘Shawn Ryan [the director] will never get this ending on the air,'” Lindelof recalled during a 2008 interview with the Chicago Tribune.