Little-Known Facts About Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus was never meant to be a Halloween movie despite a plot that revolves around the holiday. Regardless of the director’s intentions, it swiftly became a Halloween cult classic. The charmingly goofy film is full of comical inaccuracies and fantastic ’90s lingo, introducing us to the term “yabos” as we learned that being a virgin had the potential to raise witches from the dead. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with these fantastical Hocus Pocus facts.

We’ve Been Pronouncing Binx’s First Name Wrong

We've been pronouncing Binx's first name wrong
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures

Binx, the movie’s immortal cat and a constant thorn in the side for the Sanderson sisters, is a crowd favorite. His first and last name should be common knowledge to the movie’s audience yet many viewers believe Binx’s first name is Zachary.

If you’re part of the “Zachary” camp it might surprise you to learn his name is actually Thackery. Not exactly the most “kid-friendly” name for a cat but this movie isn’t just for young viewers.