Kylie Jenner Responds to Travis Scott Breakup Rumors

Who knew uploading an Instagram picture in a closet would cause so much drama? Kylie Jenner uploaded a mirror selfie to her Instagram on September 18th and people went wild with thoughts that she and Travis Scott had broken up.

The drama all started because Jenner posted a picture of herself in her closet, and in the background, a framed picture of her and Scott was missing. In previous pictures taken in the same location, there is a photo framed on the dresser. Fans took this, and the caption “ain’t a game, boy” as a sure sign that the couple had called it quits.

Fans clearly had overreacted as Jenner took to her Instagram Story to slyly clear it all up. She posted a picture of her, Travis Scott, and their daughter Stormi with the caption “Happy Wednesday” on her story. Thank goodness because we’d be so sad if this adorable family was having troubles.