Kim Kardashian’s Latest Business Venture Is Sister Approved

Kim Kardashian has yet another business in the fashion world and this one might be her favorite yet.

Her new shapewear line, SKIMS, has the stamp of approval from all of her sisters.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a product of mine that every single sister, like, loves, loves, loves, and I’m so, I feel like, OK, I did it,” said Kardashian to Entertainment Tonight.

Kardashian has worn shapewear for years and found that there were gaps in what kind of products were available. She even took it upon herself to dye garments she had purchased from other brands with teabags to achieve darker nude shades and cut them to wear under dresses with slits.

“I feel like I [now] have all the solutions for the problems [with SKIMS] I’ve been trying to fix for so long,” said Kardashian.

Apparently, her sisters aren’t the only ones who love the line. TMZ reports Kardashian made $2 million within the first few minutes of the launch.