Kelly Rowland Isn’t Saying No To A Destiny’s Child Reunion

Destiny’s Child was the sound of the early 2000s. You couldn’t flick through the radio without hearing one of their iconic girl anthem songs. Even 20 years later, songs like “Say My Name” and “Survivor” are still listened to by the latest generation of girl group lovers. Even though the group has split up and had successful solo careers, the rumors of a reunion are always swirling.

The members of the group were Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé, and Michelle Williams. When asked recently if she would consider a reunion, Rowland had some interesting things to say.

She says she has no plans to make new music with her bandmates, but confessed that if they were to do something, she wouldn’t tell us. She says that the news would be kept quiet as she’d want it to be a surprise.

“I will say, we have made incredible music in the past, and I don’t know. Can we, like, have surprises in this day and age? … I know every time there is a decision to be made for myself and the ladies to do something, it’s usually a surprise,” said Rowland to Entertainment Tonight. “And our fans have always been so supportive and so awesome, like, I like to give them surprises. I’ve got nothing up my sleeve, I promise you, nothing up my sleeve, but yeah, I wouldn’t say anything.”

It sounds to us like there’s nothing on the table yet, but that she’s not saying no. That gives us some hope! However, earlier this year Beyoncé’s father said that a reunion is at least three years away. Honestly, we’ll wait as long as it takes for this iconic reunion to happen.