Is Disney’s Live Action Aladdin Actually Good?


Disney’s live action remake of Aladdin has not had an easy path to the big screen. After the first trailer and images were released, fans were quick to criticize the look of Will Smith as the Genie. With just a few weeks left until the movie’s release, Disney has screened the movie for critics in hopes of heightening anticipation for the underwhelming looking film.

The good news is that early reactions have been positive. The bad news is that they have not overly supportive. For example, Digital Spy had this to say, “A lavish and enjoyable retelling, but not enough of A Whole New World to fully succeed. Mena Massoud/Naomi Scott are great, while Will Smith brings a fun energy to his take on the Genie, even if the CGI lets him down. The less said about Jafar, the better.”

The rest of the early reactions share similar sentiments. The cast is reportedly great, and Will Smith and Billy Magnussen are considered highlights, just don’t be expected to be taken on a magic carpet ride.

Currently, the film is tracking to make over $80 million during the Memorial Day weekend. That’s a good haul to be sure, but if it fails to pass $100 million, Disney might not see it that way.