Is It Possible That An Alcatraz Escapee Is Still Alive?

From Al Capone to James Bulger, some of the most notorious criminals of the past century were housed in the maximum security island prison known as Alcatraz. Officials at the prison claimed for years that not a single convict managed to escape. Despite those claims, the bodies of five escapees were never found.

One of those disappeared bodies belongs to John Anglin, a bank robbing youngster who worked alongside his brother. The facts have been carefully examined and even forensic experts say there’s a very real chance that Anglin is still alive and living among us. Maybe he’s even your friend or neighbor.

From Country Living To Bank Robbery

John and his older brother Clarence were born in Georgia and their farmworker parents relocated them to Florida in the early 1940s. They appeared to live an idyllic life, spending the summers picking cherries in Michigan and showing off their swimming skills in the frigidly cold water of Lake Michigan.

By the early 1950s, still in their early 20s, the men decided to make money by robbing banks and other businesses.