Inside Hollywood’s Most Luxurious Rehab Centers

Getting sober is an extremely difficult task, no matter how rich or famous someone is. But the more money a person has, the more comfortable and pampered they can be on their journey to sobriety. Luxury rehabilitation centers offer private treatment in posh facilities with resort-like amenities. Those who check in are referred to as “clients,” never as “patients” and range from A-list actors to billionaire executives. But make no mistake, these luxurious centers come attached with a hefty price tag and can cost up to $90,000 a month. But for those who’re used to living the upscale lifestyle, money is no object when it comes to their recovery.

Did you know Brooke Mueller sued one of California’s most posh rehabilitation centers?

Passages Malibu Will Cost You $69,000 A Month


For $69,000 a month, clients at Passages Malibu can enjoy ocean views, a glass-enclosed gym with personal trainers, private bedroom terraces, a swimming pool, massage rooms, marble floors, a gourmet chef and tennis courts. The $23 million dollar mansion and the 10-acre facility has attracted such celebrities as Andy Dick, David Hasselhoff, and Stephen Baldwin. Each client gets his or her own personal assistant throughout their stay. The most unique element of Passages is that they view addiction as something that is curable, not a lifelong disease. Designer Marc Jacobs is a former client who claims that Passages did, in fact, cure him.

Promise Is A Celebrity Favorite


Having opened its doors in 1989, Promises is one of the luxury rehab pioneers, as well as the most popular rehab in the world. Its star-studded alumni include Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen. Sheen once stated that Promises taught him, “That there’s a better way. You don’t have to live like you did anymore.” Then he later said that rehab is “fiction.” There are two locations: a posh oceanside facility in Malibu, charging $49,000 for 30 days, and a less luxurious location in West Los Angeles, which runs $35,000 for 90 days. The Malibu location boasts hot tubs, heated-floor bungalows and unlimited sea-salt scrubs.

Prominence Is Like A Malibu Vacation


Nestled in the heart of gorgeous Malibu, you’ll find Prominence, an addiction rehabilitation center with a six-client cap for “ultra-individualized care.” All clients are assigned their own private, spacious rooms, which come with granite counter tops and Victorian dining tables. The facility also has a pool, a spa, an onsite gym and a highly acclaimed resident chef. The center provides art, music therapy, yoga, acupuncture and equine therapy. Not only does the clientele consist of celebrities, but their therapists are as well: Prominence therapist Susan Winston is also an accomplished television producer, director, and writer.

Clients Can Bring Their Dogs To Cliffside Malibu


Clients at Cliffside Malibu can get a private room for $78,000 a month, or share one for $58,000. Lindsey Lohan reportedly spent a total of $150,000 on treatment there. The facility has a turndown service, concierge, dining room with floor-to-ceiling window views of the ocean, heated pool, gym, meditation garden and serves organic meals. They don’t lock their doors and return cell phones to patients after 72 hours of in-house sobriety. Owner Richard Taite believes he needs to pamper his celeb clients, like Kourtney Kardashian and her ex Scott Disick, because they are used to such a lifestyle, and may otherwise give up on trying to get sober.

Treatment Tourism

The Scott.jpg

The Scott describes itself as a “boutique five-star addiction treatment, dual-diagnosis, pain-management and medical concierge service.” They use a “Treatment Tourism” approach, and clients can travel to a treatment destination of their choice in the US, Canada, Europe, UAE & various islands. Private transportation to and from the discreet locations is available. Accommodations are also available for a client’s assistants, entourage and family members that want to accompany the client to treatment. Clients receive unlimited massages and can participate in pearl farming, scuba diving, horseback riding, safari tours, shark feeding… pretty much whatever they choose.

Brooke Mueller Sued This Rehab Center


Brooke Mueller sued The Canyon Treatment Center for selling confidential medical information to the media. Despite this, other celebs continue to check in, including Amanda Bynes, who was treated for schizophrenia, as the center also works with mental health patients. It’s located on 240 acres in Malibu, and uses equine and adventure therapies, a 12-step facility with Buddhist, Zen and Toltec leanings, serves all-organic meals, and even has its own standup comic for “Humor in Treatment.” It refers to itself as “Peace Park” and customizes each recovery plan based on the specific needs of the client.

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Rehab Or Resort?


The Clearview’s pitch sounds more like a vacation resort than a rehab: “centrally located in Los Angeles, close to both nightlife and the Pacific Ocean, with easy access to several major freeways… numerous beaches, restaurants, movies, and shopping.” It has three facilities, a women’s psych treatment house, and two co-ed dual diagnosis treatment centers, each holding six residents at a time. The average cost is $28,000 a month. Gourmet chefs create custom meal plans with the help of dietitians. Aside from a variety of therapists, there are also life coaches, yoga instructors and specialists in Ayurveda (a holistic science from India with practices that support health, balance, and self-transformation).

To The East Coast


Not all posh rehab centers are located near Los Angeles. The Caron Foundation is located in Wernersville, Pennsylvania and has had lots of high-profile clientele including Steven Tyler, Liza Minnelli, and Miss USA Tara Conner. The 10-acre facility is located on top of a mountain and has a college campus type of feel. Clients are allowed four hours of free time each day during which they can go camping, hiking or rafting, or use the gym. Women and men are always separated, each day begins with meditation, and yoga is available on a regular basis. While it lacks a lot of the luxuries found at many west coast locations, it still runs $36,000 per month.

The Controversial Luxuries Of The Renaissance


The Renaissance Malibu boasts a selection of therapy programs, including art therapy, equine-assisted therapy, group therapy, family therapy, adventure therapy, music therapy, somatic/dance therapy, sweat lodge ceremonies and Toltec teachings. At one point it was using the controversial Prometa protocol, which is a drug that supposedly is the first effective treatment for meth, coke and alcohol addiction, costing $15,000 for a one-month supply. It fell into more controversy when it was uncovered that owner Salvatore Petrucci isn’t actually an MD, but rather a dentist who lost his license because of his drug use and allegedly has purchased drugs for himself while running the facility.

Destination Hope


Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Destination Hope is a luxury rehab that has two gender-specific facilities and provides treatment for both addiction and mental health. It’s located near the ocean and has its own private lake. Clients share two bedroom apartments, with four people to an apartment. The complex provides a vacation-like feel, with a pool complete with a lounge area surrounded by palm trees, and tennis courts. Those who want to work out are brought to an off-site gym. Clients are given a $75 grocery card each week to pick out their own food and prepare it at the apartment.

Boutique Luxury Rehab At $90,000 A Month


With two California locations and one in Connecticut, Prive Swiss claims to have been the first “boutique luxury rehab.” It offers extremely individualized care, only accepting three clients at a time. The clientele is mostly affluent executives, with treatment targeting not only addiction but the chronic stress, burnout and sleep problems that often occur in the corporate world. Each client gets an entire private floor, complete with maid service and private gourmet chef. Treatment takes both a holistic and medical approach and includes yoga, Pilates, meditation, acupuncture, spirituality coaching, nutrition and exercise consultation, and even anti-aging and preventative medicine. It costs a whopping $90,000 for 30 days.

Tiger Woods, Kevin Spacey, and Harvey Weinstein Were All Treat At The Meadows


The Meadows is a luxury rehab facility that has become well known for treating celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Kevin Spacey, and Harvey Weinstein for sex addiction. It has two locations in Arizona and Texas and costs $58,000 for a 45-day stay. Rush Limbaugh was treated there for a painkiller addiction and Kate Moss for a cocaine addiction. Selena Gomez, Elle Macpherson, and Donatella Versace were also clients. Treatment includes equine-assisted psychotherapy, expressive arts therapy, somatic experiencing and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. Despite its lush accommodations, it describes itself as a boot camp.

Wonderland Has Some Lax Rules


Mike Tyson, Lindsay Lohan, Pat O’Brien, Michael Jackson and Christian Slater are some of the stars who’ve checked in to Wonderland, located in Lauren Canyon, California. The oddly named facility is a 12 step–based program that costs $40,000 per month. Their theory is that life shouldn’t be put on hold for recovery, so clients are allowed phones, computers, pets on weekends, and can even leave during the day to go shopping (with an assigned companion). One unique feature is that it offers Set and Tour Support service, in which a counselor accompanies the individual to work after they have left rehab to assist them in their continued recovery.

Island Recovery


Located on a secluded 25-acre facility in Antigua, Crossroads was founded by Eric Clapton after he recovered from a heroin addiction. At “just” $28,000 per month, it’s hosted such celeb clients as Billy Joel, Colin Farrell, and Whitney Houston. With a year-round temperature between 75 and 86 degrees, clients begin each morning with a 15-minute meditation outdoors. There’s a gym, sand volleyball court, and heated pool. Clients can go for hikes and are driven to a beach twice a week. Regardless of the amenities, they have some strict rules. Brittney Spears once left after only being in the lobby for eight hours, because they refused to empty out an entire wing to house her entourage.

Waterfalls Heal All


Stone Eagle Retreat is a $4.5 million facility located on 21 acres in Malibu, surrounded by breathtaking views. It was launched by a former Passages therapist and costs half the price at $35,000 a month. It claims to focus on the clients’ biological, psychosocial, nutritional and spiritual needs and also offers the controversial Prometa protocol. Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, and Linsey Lohan have been clients. The premises have on-site hiking and a 20-foot waterfall. Clients receive treatment that includes chemical and 12-step education, somatic therapy, life coaching, massage/bodywork, adventure therapy, horticulture therapy and personal fitness training.

Treatment For Teens


Teenage addicts can find treatment at Visions Adolescents Treatment. It offers programs for 13 to 18-year-old addicts and mental health patients. The facility is gated to discourage runaways and is located on 25 acres in Malibu. There are swimming pools, ping-pong and pool tables and gourmet meals. Treatment includes equine therapy, art therapy, a physical conditioning program and nutritional counseling. There’s an eating disorder and body image specialist, a grief and trauma specialist, and a resident dietician. Family plays a big role, with a minimum of five weekly hours of family-focused therapy, and opportunities to earn “Family Passes” to go on family excursions. It costs $40,000 for 45 days.

The Non-Treatment Treatment


At Saint Jude Executive Retreat, addiction isn’t considered a disease. They don’t even refer to it as treatment but rather “an educational experience designed to empower substance abusers and teach them new, healthy patterns of behavior.” Located on a secluded country home-like setting in Upstate, New York, each guest receives a private room and a 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio (six clients max). It targets high-functioning professionals who must continue to run their businesses during treatment. Every meal is made to order, and clients enjoy daily trips to the gym as well as golfing, hiking, fishing, concerts, Broadway shows, the opera and museums. The $38,000 a month stay also includes facials, manicures, and pedicures.

The Betty Ford Center Is The Original


The Betty Ford Center, located on Ranch Mirage, is another favorite for high-profile clientele, including Chevy Chase, Ozzy Osbourne, Lindsey Lohan, Elizabeth Taylor and Keith Urban. Alice Cooper even wrote his album From The Inside while being treated at Betty Ford. Founded in 1982, it’s actually one of the more affordable facilities, charging $6,000 for a month-long stay. It’s not as glitzy as its competitors, and celebs supposedly do not receive any special treatment, but they are known for their strict privacy standards and success rate. Aside from therapy, they offer a spiritual counselor, a psychologist, a nutritionist and a recreational therapist.

One80Center Was Shut Down


At one point, One80Center was the epitome of posh rehabilitation in Los Angeles, with numerous billionaires as clientele. They had several properties, one being Elizabeth Taylor’s former estate, and views ranged from the Pacific Ocean to downtown Los Angeles. But apparently certain affluent patients received different levels of care if they paid in cash versus if they paid through insurance, and some famous patients were allowed to leave the facility for events, as well as have their significant others come stay with them during treatment. The center was then sued twice for negligence involving wrongful deaths, and other fraudulent behavior, and closed its doors in 2014.

Harmony Place’s Location Is Secret


For over 20 years, Harmony Place has been treating addiction using a “mind-body-spirit connection approach.” It bills itself as “a comfortable place to do uncomfortable things,” and charges $38,000 a month to do so. In order to give individualized care, it only allows a maximum of 12 clients. The high-ceilinged, Tudor-style units are located in a hidden location in Woodland Hills, California. Each room has a living room, state-of-the-art kitchen, and a large dining room. There is also a community room, an outdoor deck overlooking the pool and a gourmet chef that prepares each meal.