If These Terrible People Aren’t Your Neighbors, Consider Yourself Very Lucky

Most of us have had our fair share of bad neighbors. Whether it’s the couple that has loud screaming matches every night or a nosy kid who keeps trying to peek in your windows, neighbors can be a real pain. But these people take the whole “bad neighbor” thing to a completely new level. Check out these horrible neighbors and be very, very glad they don’t live next door to you.

Garden Of Thrones


So, upcycling is a really cool thing to do. That’s where you take objects that would normally be thrown away and use them for a new purpose. Wait, let’s clarify that upcycling is usually cool. We have to draw the line here, though, with this yard filled with old toilets.

This whole concept of a lawn covered in toilets is just too much to subject your neighbors to. No one wants to see that as they’re pulling into their driveway after a long day at work. Keep the toilets where they belong, please: in the bathroom.