Iconic Movies That Stole Their Plots From Prior Films

Filmmaking is art, and like all other artists, directors and other people involved in making movies take inspiration from their predecessors. Some films may appear to be entirely original, but there’s sure to be at least a few homages made or ideas taken from other movies or filmmakers. At times, these small hints can go unnoticed, or in the case of other films, be completely obvious, like adopting the entire story of another movie. Here are some major films that completely stole the entire plot of another movie made before.

The Fast And The Furious Is Essentially Point Break But With Cars

Two men in a car
Universal Studios
Universal Studios

The Fast And The Furious franchise has grown to become a major blockbuster series since its first release in 2001 and was surprisingly inspired by a magazine exposition about automobile street-racing in New York City. From there, the script grew to follow an undercover cop that becomes a member of the racing community to discover which of the drivers are involved in the robbery of shipments of valuables.

Although this high-action plot may be entertaining, it’s essentially the same story as Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 Point Break. The key difference is that The Fast and the Furious focuses on the subculture of racing cars rather than surfing and other adrenaline provoking activities seen in Point Break.