Controversies And Secrets Behind The Scenes Of Ice Road Truckers

Released on the History Channel in 2007, Ice Road Truckers is a reality series that follows a team of truck drivers who work in some of the coldest and iciest conditions in Alaska and Canada. The show was an instant hit, with the characters and stressful situations keeping viewers glued to their TV with every newly released episode. While the show is a massive success, it has its fair share of controversies and secrets that would shock even the most avid of viewers. So, pump your breaks and check them out!

Lisa Kelly Needed Her Privacy

Lisa Kelly Needed Privacy
Rick Gershon/Getty Images for A&E
Rick Gershon/Getty Images for A&E

Lisa Kelly, a strong woman surrounded by rugged men, quickly became a fan favorite on the show. Because of this, she became one of the main characters, which meant more camera time. Fans later noticed that Kelly was absent for an entire season of the show.

Kelly told Uproxx that she needed some space from the show because she was beginning to feel suffocated by her lack of privacy. The filming was also negatively affecting her job, as she was becoming more of a television personality than what she really was, a truck driver.