I Know What You’re Thinking: Do You Know These Magnum PI Facts?

Magnum P.I. was a staple of 1980s TV. It centered on Hawaii-based private investigator Thomas Magnum and his zany crew of friends. They lived luxurious lifestyles and went on plenty of wild adventures, all while becoming one of the most popular television programs of all time.

We put together some updates on the famous cast, a few interesting tidbits, and a handful of fun facts. Just because Magnum P.I. is off the air doesn’t mean you have to stop being a fan! There is still plenty to learn about this iconic show, and we’re here to help you discover more than you ever knew about the popular TV series. Keep reading to see why the show went off the air.

Selleck Becomes A Big Star


Starting us off is Thomas Magnum himself! Actor Tom Selleck has had a wildly successful career in the thirty years since the first episode of Magnum P.I. premiered. He has had leading parts in The Closer, Blue Bloods, Friends, and Las Vegas. He lives on an avocado farm in California and is a strong supporter of the NRA. His life has definitely been full of diverse experiences and interests!