High School Senior Is Given An Ultimatum: Suspension Or Cut Off His Dreadlocks

It was January 2020 when DeAndre Arnold returned to Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, Texas, after winter break. Only, he returned to something strange, a change in the school’s dress code policy. To the senior’s surprise, his dreadlocks were now in violation of the policy, and he was being given an ultimatum: cut them or be suspended.

After a lot of media coverage, none other than Ellen DeGeneres caught wind of the young man’s situation, inviting him to her talk show. Little did Arnold know, but he was about to be surprised with an unbelievable gift. Read on to learn about his journey and the shocking gift.

DeAndre Arnold’s Hair Was In Violation Of His School’s Dress Code

DeAndre Arnold's Hair Was In Violation Of His School's Dress Code

It was 2020 when DeAndre Arnold hit a lot of major news site headlines. He was being threatened with an in-school suspension for an odd reason, one a lot of people thought was ridiculous and couldn’t help but roll their eyes at the administration.

See, the young man refused to trim his dreadlocks, something that violated his school’s dress code. The suspension wasn’t what surprised Arnold, though, it was his invitation to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the host’s amazing surprise at the end of the segment.