High School Senior Makes A Statement With His Graduation Photos

Senior photos
Facebook/Chaos and Clark Photography
Facebook/Chaos and Clark Photography

While many high school seniors dress in their nicest dress clothes in preparation for their senior pictures, that wasn’t the case for Evan Dennison from Portage, Indiana. He had something else in mind that make him stand-out, and put him on the map.

Instead, the 17-year-old decided that he was going to take his professional photos in the comfort of his bathrobe. He felt that wearing his bathroom would not only make him stand out but was more true to himself rather than a stiff and itchy suit.

He spoke with Inside Edition noting that “Most graduation pictures I see are really formal and stuff, so I didn’t want to do that […] “I wanted it to be something that was like really funny, not so formal, kind of goofy, so I decided it would be way better done in a bathrobe.”

For fear that his mother would forbid him from making his bathrobe statement, he didn’t tell her and waited until the last second to notify his photographer cousin, Tiffany Clark. Wearing comfortable clothing, Dennison claimed that he was going to change when they arrived at their destination. Although he did, it wasn’t into what his cousin was expecting.

Dennison’s cousin commented, “He’s stubborn. He absolutely refused to do anything except for in his bathrobe. I didn’t want to do it, and I couldn’t stop laughing […] When I get home, I had like 95 pictures of him in his bathrobe doing weird stuff.”

Although Dennison’s mother thinks her son’s photos going viral is funny, she hasn’t framed any of the bathrobe pictures as of yet. Apparently, she intends on her son taking more appropriate pictures soon.