Hidden Messages You’ve Overlooked In Movies And TV Shows

The best part of rewatching a favorite film or television show is trying to hunt for clues you may have missed in previous viewings. Like magicians, scenes can have a way of keeping your attention diverted from a hint or joke in the background. These subliminal messages can be used to foreshadow the end, to promote something, or to nod at an inside joke. From cameo appearances to revealing plot points, you won’t believe all the hidden messages that were right in front of you in these popular movies and shows.

Friends Had Messages On A Magna Doodle

Warner Bros. Television
Warner Bros. Television

As popular as the show Friends is, many may be surprised to discover there were secret messages written in the background for seasons. In season three, the production crew added a Magna Doodle to a wall in Joey and Chandler’s apartment.

The Magna Doodle didn’t just display a random note or grocery list. One of the crew members would write messages on it that corresponded to the episode. One example is when the apartment gets robbed, and the Magna Doodle reads, “Thanks for all your stuff.”