Hidden Hotel Secrets: Confessions Of Housekeeping Staff

As more and more people travel these days, it is no wonder that the hotel industry is now a $2.1 billion business. With all of this money, one would expect that a hotel would keep its housekeeping department adequately staffed and trained. But you might want to think again, as the average hotel maid cleans from 10 to 14 rooms each day (and usually for very little pay). Do you really think that gives them enough time to clean each of those rooms to an impeccable degree?

You’re about to read some first-hand accounts and confessions about how clean hotels really are, as well as some travel tips and memorable tales from housekeepers describing the strange things they sometimes deal with on the job. Be prepared — this information ranges from the good to the bad to the downright disturbing.

Here are some facts you might want to consider the next time you stay in a hotel. Or you might want to forget about them, depending on how squeamish you are!

You May Want to Think Twice About Sleeping In A Hotel Bed


Whenever you glance at a bed in a hotel, you see the cleanest of sheets and comforters. They appear to be so clean that they appear to have a certain sparkle. Oh, wait. That’s not a sparkle, but something else. That sparkle could very well be a stain.

With so many rooms, housekeepers do not have time to wash every single bed linen after each guest. Washing and drying sheets and blankets is a time-consuming task. According to DailyMail, one maid confessed that stains are blotted out or patted down until the stain is barely visible. The maid also said the linens are hardly ever changed.