What Your Favorite HGTV Stars Looked Like Before They Were Famous

The stars of HGTV might be recognizable faces today but it wasn’t always like that. Back before they were designing, building, and demolishing their way to home renovation stardom, they were regular people like you and me. Some of them are practically unrecognizable as kids, while others are all too recognizable in their ’80s and ’90s trends. Check out all your favorite HGTV stars before they were famous.

David Bromstad Sure Loved Disney

young hgtv 6

The winner of HGTV Design Star‘s debut season didn’t expect to have a career in design. In fact, all those Disney stuffed animals that he’s holding might give you a clue to what his original dream was.

Bromstad wanted to be a Disney animator and even attended the Ringling College of Art and Design to do so. He ended up getting a job as a Disney illustrator but after being let go, he decided to try interior design.