Here’s What Zack And Tori Roloff Are Up To Now

Tori Roloff, the wife of Zach Roloff from Little People, Big World, gave birth to a baby boy in May 2017. Like her husband, her son was diagnosed with dwarfism. While the couple loves their son unconditionally, Tori understands that there will be many challenges. Little did she know that this wouldn’t be the only hardship she was going to endure. Take a look into the lives of Zach and Tori Roloff and the unexpected family struggles they’ve faced head-on.

A Love Like Any Other

Love Like Any Other

After four years of dating, Zach Roloff proposed to Tori and the two became engaged in 2016. In an interview with People, Tori admitted that the idea of getting married to Zach and being on the show was nerve-racking, but that the show actually helped her realize that she shouldn’t care what others think.

Zach added, “Tori brought me out of my shell and made me more social, she gave me confidence.” He never thought he would be ready for marriage but that changed after he met Tori.