All The Cute Ways Celebrities Announce To The World That They Are Expecting

When it comes to pregnancy announcements, celebrities can be just like us! Some celebrities go over the top with extravagant pregnancy announcements and baby showers. And other times they take the understated road, simply posting a positive pregnancy test and calling it a day. Whichever route they took, one thing is for sure. These celebs made some of the most adorable pregnancy announcements ever!

Jessica Alba’s “H” Obsession


Jessica Alba is just like the rest of us. She took to her Instagram to announce baby number three. She shared a Boomerang video featuring her daughters. The eldest Honor held a black “1” balloon, Haven held a “2” balloon and Jessica held the “3”. As always, Jessica and family looked picture perfect. She captioned the cute post, “@cash_warren and I are officially going to be outnumbered.” Since the post, Jessica and family have welcomed a new baby (the first boy!) to their family. The sweet little guy’s name is Hayes, keeping up with the letter “H” tradition.

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