Behind-The-Scene Scandals That Took Place At ESPN

ESPN is and always has been the leader in the sports world… everything from the stats to the scandals. But did you know that ESPN is not just reporting on scandals, they have also created their own scandals? From racist remarks which immediately cost reporters their jobs to inner office sexual harassment and hookups; here’s a list of scandals that will surprise you, and the final entry led to a former player losing his new job.

Keith Clinkscales and Erin Andrews

Clinkscales is an executive with ESPN and found himself in hot water from something that happened on a plane trip. He was sitting next to famous ESPN reporter Erin Andrews on the plane and it was alleged that he was fondling himself for the duration of the trip. He has denied this charge ever since it was made against him.

Click through to see a female ESPN reporter who was on the other side of the accusation, and learn all about another staffer’s highly inappropriate relationship.