Hear Us Out: Knitted Boobs For Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer survivor support has a new heroine and a new product that some may find a bit amusing, but their creator insists she wants to push her product to shed light on this terrible disease. Sharon Simpson both knits and sells a product known as Knitted Knockers to both promote awareness about breast cancer and support women trying to recover from the disease.


As a breast cancer survivor herself, Simpson feels the disease is something to be taken seriously, and her efforts behind her product demonstrate her willingness to get people’s attention to promote education. Simpson stated, “Breast cancer isn’t pink, and it isn’t fluffy. It’s a nasty, horrible disease that changes people’s lives.”

Simpson’s goal when creating Knitted Knockers was not necessarily to create laughter about a deadly disease but to grab people into both learning more about the disease and supporting it. Her company has her and a group of helpers knitting breast prosthesis for women that have experienced mastectomies. With knowledge of what the product is promoting and what it is for, Simpson’s story emerges as a positive and touching one, especially as she works to draw people’s attention to this serious disease.

Simpson herself has been through breast cancer and empathizes greatly with women going through a similar experience. In fact, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2013, she founded Knitted Knockers to form a community for women experiencing the same situation, to help them with their appearance, and to promote more education nationally about breast cancer.

Simpson beat the disease, and by 2018 will be celebrating five years of being cancer-free. She has been busy at work promoting the idea of Knitted Knockers on various social media videos, and these videos have since garnered so much attention that they went viral.

Some may argue that knitted prosthesis are not as successful as some other replacements women may use after mastectomies. However, Simpson has been using her videos to refute this assumption and to show just how well and comfortable her product is for these women.

First, the knitted prosthesis are far more comfortable for a woman to wear than other replacement products. Second, Simpson has also created her Knitted Knockers in so many shapes and sizes, even the placement of the nipple can be selected to make the replacement look as real as possible.

Furthermore, Simpson created a unique name for the woman using her product, labeling them Knockerettes. The reviews of the women using her product help to provide hope for other women experiencing mastectomies.

Simpson said, “My reason and purpose is to make life better for people who are in the throes of cancer, and that’s what I am doing. And that’s why I created Knitted Knockers.”


With her life story backing up her experience and empathy for breast cancer survivors, Simpson should be commended for her efforts both in helping women recover from mastectomies and with her constant focus to shed light on the seriousness of breast cancer.