Guess Which Celebs Couldn’t Get Dressed By Designers But Slayed Anyway!

Thoughts of Hollywood immediately conjure up images of glitz and glam, but for some Hollywood stars, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. For many women, it seems as though getting fashion designers to dress them is a major struggle. From plus-size problems to fashion snobbery, these stars have faced it all. However, they also have another thing in common- they slayed the red carpet (and other events) anyway! You won’t believe which actress from one the top television shows of all time had trouble landing a designer! Find out who it was on slide six.

Dascha Polanco


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

“Orange Is the New Blac”k star Dasch Polanco, has found it difficult to get dressed by designers. Dascha is known for speaking her mind and talked to Vogue Magazine about how designers only want to dress “sample sizes.”

“I understand that it’s business, but still, it’s like, really? My industry friends, who are clear and honest with me say, Girl, they don’t have your size, and you’re not at that level yet, so you have to either move that way or just build those relationships so that later in the future maybe it happens.” Either way, Dascha definitely doesn’t hold back on the red carpet and looked amazing in this white lacy number from Michael Costello which she wore at the 2015 SAG awards.