Grossly Underpaid Actors Who Should Have Earned So Much More

Getting paid as an actor or actress in Hollywood should be easy. The more money their movies make, the more money they make per movie…right? This, sadly, is not true. In fact, some actors are forced to take minimal paychecks for the juiciest roles. Even worse, some actors don’t even get paid, they earn a percentage of the films total profits. If that film happened to be Battlefield Earth or Pluto Nash well… let’s not go there…

You’ll be shocked at what Julia Roberts was paid for one of her most iconic roles!

Oprah Aims For The Heart Strings

Oprah starred in "The Color Purple" directed by Steven Spielberg in 1985

Jim Spellman/WireImage

Starring most recently in A Wrinkle In Time, things weren’t always so colorful for Oprah Winfrey in her acting career. In 1985 the television host made her film debut in The Color Purple, directed by Steven Spielberg. For her role, Oprah took home an unimpressive $35,000. For comparison, she made $290 million in 2011 for her talk show alone.

Taking inflation into account, Oprah would have made just $73,000 in 2011 for her role in the film. Of course, she did earn an Academy Award nomination so maybe earning the respect of her peers was worth the low price of participation.

Gal Gadot Wonders What Happened To Her Paycheck

Gal Gadot has earned an incredibly loyal fan base after starring in Wonder Woman

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Initially stealing the attention of the acting world for her role of Gisele in The Fast and the Furious franchise, it didn’t take for Gal Gadot to land a franchise she could be the face of. That franchise is Wonder Woman, and the first movie of the same name is the most critically and commercially successful of the DC Extended Universe. With all that mind, it pretty surprising that Gadot was only paid $300,000 to star in the movie. For the record, it wound up making $821 million worldwide.

Of course, before Gadot steps into the boots for Wonder Woman 2, there are rumors she is willing to hold up production to get paid what she deserves. With her initial deal with DC already over, Gadot has all the leverage in this fight!

Ethan Hawke Gets Purged… Literally

Ethan Hawke with the producer of The Purge at SXSW

Gary Miller/Getty Images

Ethan Hawke found himself in the middle of a career renaissance after starring in the micro-budget horror film The Purge. Made on a budget of $3 million, the film wound up making $64 million domestically and spawned two sequels and one prequel. While the true cost of Hawke’s services has never been released for his role, Hawke has publicly said it was next to nothing.

Starring in The Purge was an experience Hawke called, “no BS, just a great role, a great director.” He also had no trailer and slept on the producer’s couch the entire shoot, purging any movie star treatment from his life. The move worked. Two years later Hawke earned an Academy Award nomination for his performance in Boyhood.

Jonah Hill Wants To Work For Free

Jonah Hill was barely paid a salary to co-star in The Wolf of Wall Street

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

To nab his role in The Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah Hill would have worked free. He just wanted the chance to work for legendary director Martin Scorcese. Hill almost got his wish, getting paid just $60,000 for the role of Donnie Azoff. The role fulfilled a lifetime dream of Hill’s and lead to his second Academy Award nomination.

Hill’s co-star Leonardo DiCaprio also scored an Academy Award nomination for the film. He also got paid a cool $10 million to play Jordan Belfort. Hopefully, he bought Jonah Hill a nice drink or two after long days shooting to help ease the monetary pain.

Michelle Williams Doesn’t Get Hers Or His

Michelle Williams was paid an eight of what Mark Wahlberg was paid to star in the same movie

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Michelle Williams found herself embroiled in a salary scandal after her film All The Money in The World had to go through extensive reshoots to replace Kevin Spacey. Before heading off for the re-shoots, Williams was told every actor would be paid scale minimum. That turned out to be a lie when it was revealed co-star Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for his role.

Even worse, Wahlberg was paid $5 million for his role in the movie, while Williams was only paid $625,000. That’s a very ugly eight times less than what her male counterpart made. It’s okay to throw your arms up in shock right now, we know we did!

Even more shocking is when one actor gets paid once for three movies!

Sean Astin Gets One Salary To Rule Them All

Sean Astin became wildly popular after the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out

David Klein/Getty Images

Sean Astin has been acting for a long time. Breaking out as the title character in Rudy, he cemented his place in our hearts as Samwise Gamgee in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Sadly, just as we refer to the trilogy as one whole thing, that’s how producers referred to Astin’s salary too.

For the trilogy, Sean Astin was paid $250,000. Not for each entry in the trilogy, but for the trilogy as a whole! That may not sound like a small amount of money, but when each movie cost $150 million to make, the producers probably could have opened their pockets a little more for such an important character.

Julia Roberts Gets Short Changed

Julia Roberts turned a small paycheck for Pretty Woman into one of the most successful film careers in the 90s

Buena Vista/Getty Images

Starring in Pretty Woman as the title character should have netted Julia Roberts a nice paycheck. For a young actress trying to break into the industry, the $300,000 she was paid actually was pretty nice. However, in retrospect, earning less than $1 million for a film that grossed $178 million is highway robbery by the movie studio. We won’t even get into what Richard Gere was paid for his role!

It wasn’t long after Pretty Woman became a massive hit that Julia Roberts became one of the biggest film stars in the world. In fact, she parlayed Pretty Woman’s success into charging $20 million per film before it was the cool thing to do.

Bill Murray Does Anything For Wes Anderson

Bill Murray was paid guild minimum to act in Rushmore

Steve Eichner/Getty Images

The movie Rushmore helped launch the career of director Wes Anderson. Known for his off-kilter visual and writing style, he is one of the most unique filmmakers working today. Anderson sure got lucky when Bill Murray agreed to star in his film for scale at the time, netting the comedy icon a not-so-cool $9,000 for his work.

Of course, after starring in Ghostbusters and Groundhogs Day, Murray probably doesn’t need the money. For his part, Murray said, “this is the first movie I’ve done in a while that’s completely whole,” proving he was never in it for the money from the start. He just wanted to make something really good.

Jim Carrey must have felt the same way about Yes Man!

Jim Carrey Says Yes To Nothing

Jim Carrey was not paid a salary for the movie Yes Man

Eric VANDEVILLE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

In 2008 Jim Carrey starred in the comedy Yes Man after agreeing to a surprisingly low salary. To star in the movie, Carrey took zero money up front despite the films $70 million budget. The move may seem odd but actually worked out financially for the star.

Instead of a salary, Jim Carrey agreed to do the film for 36.2 percent of it’s gross after production and marketing costs were recovered. Simply put, Carrey made zero dollars until the movie turned a profit, which it did, raking in $223 million worldwide. It is estimated that Carrey ended up with $32 million thanks to his shrewd business move, turning the lowest payday of his career into the highest!

Ryan Gosling Starts Small

Ryan Gosling earned an Oscar nomination for his low paid role in Half Nelson

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After the movie The Notebook turned Ryan Gosling into a movie star, he turned around and dove head first into independent filmmaking. Choosing to star in the school-based drama Half Nelson in 2006, Gosling earned a sad $1,000 a week. That’s a far cry from the life-changing $1 million he made for The Notebook or the stunning $10 million he made for Blade Runner 2049.

As most of these stories go, Gosling’s had a happy ending, earning his first Academy Award nomination for Half Nelson. He would repeat the feat two years later for starring in Lars and the Real Girl, although he got paid a much heftier salary for that one!

Lindsay Lohan Takes A Pay Cut

Lindsay Lohan earned just over $6,000 for her starring role in The Canyons

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Daily Mail

Lindsay Lohan started her career as a child actress and quickly rose to fame for her roles in The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. She became a superstar after Mean Girls became a pop culture phenomenon in 2004. Sadly, her career stumbled after that and she was forced to take small roles in bad movies or have no movie career at all.

One of those movies was called The Canyons, a low budget thriller directed by Paul Schrader. For the film, Lohan made just over $6,000, a far cry from the $7.5 million she banked making Herbie Fully Loaded, Georgia Rule, and Just My Luck.

Halle Berry Can’t Keep Up With John Travolta

Halle Berry earned significantly less money than her Swordfish co-stars

Gareth Davies/Mission Pictures/Getty Images

A huge movie star in the 1990s and early 2000s, it might surprise you to find out what Halle Berry made for one of her biggest roles. Starring alongside John Travolta in the hi-tech thriller Swordfish, Halle Berry took home a seemingly respectable $2.5 million. and she received an extra $500,000 bonus for her first ever nude scene. Welcome to Hollywood!

Berry’s co-star, John Travolta, was paid $20 million for his role that featured zero nudity. See why we’re shocked? It’s not because Berry had a low salary, it’s how low her salary was versus her male counterpart.

Compared to Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans understands!

Chris Evans Gets A 1940s Payday For A 2011 Film

Chris Evans as Captain America

Bobby Bank/WireImage/Getty Images

Chris Evans entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Captain America: The First Avenger. The movie takes place during World War II, and Chris Evans seemingly got paid like that’s when he shot it too! Working with a massive $140 million budget, Marvel found it in the kindness of their hearts to pay Evans $300,000 for his undeniably iconic role.

Since becoming the First Avenger, things have gotten better for Evans. Not Robert-Downey-Jr.’s-$50-million-payday better, but playing a key role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made his participation necessary. Now Evans can demand a much higher salary and reportedly used that leverage to nab $18 million to play Captain American in Avengers: Infinity War.

Brad Pitt Has A Rough Start

Brad Pitt got an early start and small paycheck in Thelma and Louise

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images

Considering that Brad Pitt is one of the biggest movie stars of all-time, the paycheck he earned for his small role in Thelma and Louise might surprise you. If you step back into 1991 and remember Pitt was nowhere in his career, then the $6,000 payday he received at the time won’t surprise you at all.

Three years later, in 1994, Pitt would get his breakout role opposite Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire. The movie, based on the series of Anne Rice novels, rose from the grave to earn $223 million worldwide, giving Pitt his choice of projects to pursue after.

Matthew McConaughey Gets His Oscar

Matthew McConaughey turned a small paycheck into an Oscar for the Dallas Buyers Club

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

To star in Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey went to extremes to provide authenticity to the real-life character he was portraying. Playing a man diagnosed with AIDs who begins selling medicine illegally to others afflicted with the disease, the actor dropped his weight to an unhealthy level. He also let his salary drop to an unhealthy $200,000, a small sum for the romantic-comedy-leading man.

So it goes, the move paid off for McConaughey in other ways, earning him his first Academy Award nomination as well as a career resurgence. He parlayed the critical success of his role into higher profile gigs on True Detective and in Christopher Nolan’s science fiction epic Inception.

Our next actor is more of a voice, and you won’t believe what she was paid to play Else in Frozen!

The Voice Of Elsa Gets The Cold Shoulder

The voice of teenage Elsa didn't earn a lot for the role...

John Sciulli/WireImage/Getty Images

Frozen was a gigantic hit for Disney when it came out it the winter of 2013. After grossing $1.28 billion worldwide, it’s pretty frightening to find out that Spencer Lacey Ganus was only paid $926 for her work as the voice of teenage Elsa. The House of Mouse really stole the cheese on this deal!

Hopefully, Spencer has come to terms with her small payday, having now earned an additional $10,000 in residual checks and counting. The 15-year-old voice over actress should also have a solid career ahead of her. Disney reportedly already wants her back for more movies and television shows. She could even be the next Julia Roberts!

Jamie Dornan Gets Paid Like The Second Choice He Is

Jamie Dornan was not well compensated for the first 50 Shades movie

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Originally Charlie Hunnam was supposed to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trilogy. When the rising star of Sons of Anarchy dropped out, he was replaced by Once Upon a Time star Jamie Dornan. Dornan, being given his first shot at a leading role, was paid minimally, making roughly $100,000. That low salary is reportedly the reason Hunnam dropped the role.

While getting paid like a supporting actor probably wasn’t what Dornan wanted, he was better compensated for the two sequels. Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed both netted Dornan about $5 million. Looks like the smaller payday was worth it in the end!

The same can’t be said for our next underpaid actor…

Uknown James Howson Barely Gets Living Wages

James Howson was paid very little for his only film role


Cast as Heathcliff in Andrea Arnold’s 2011 adaptation of Wuthering Heights, unknown British actor James Howson got paid next to nothing. Earning just $13,000 for his work, the $5 million independent film clearly spared every expense when it came to casting the first non-white actor to ever play the male lead.

The movie was released with a whimper in the United States. Howson has not had an acting credit since but has had a few run-ins with the law. It’s unfortunate Howson was not able to translate his small payday into a bigger one like so many other actors on this list.

Especially our next actor, who was lifted out of obscurity in Minneapolis for his big break!

Barkhad Abdi Makes Barely More Than Minimum

Barkhad Abdi was paid just above the minimum for Captain Phillips

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The bad guy in the Tom Hanks film Captain Phillips, Barkhad Abdi was paid just over the Screen Actors Guild minimum for his work. The small amount would be the $60,000 Jonah Hill was paid for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street. Abdi made $65,000 for his Academy Award-nominated acting debut. Take that, Jonah Hill!

Before the movie was released, Abdi was working as a mobile phone salesman in Minneapolis. Once the film was released, he quit and hit the awards circuit. Since then he has worked on a number of notable films including The Brothers Grimsby, Eye in the Sky, and Blade Runner 2049. We’re guessing he earned a little more money for those films.

George Clooney Is An Underpaid Triple Threat

George Clooney was pretty underpaid for writing and directing Good Night and Good Luck

Paul Morigi/WireImage/Getty Images

Normally netting between $10 and $20 million to star, write, or direct a movie, George Clooney took a huge pay cut to make his passion project. Released in 2005 Good Night and Good Luck was welcomed by Hollywood as an instant cinematic classic and George Clooney was nominated for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards that year. He also gave himself a small role in the film as Fred Friendly, which was not recognized by the Academy.

For all his hard work Clooney accepted a miniscule payday of $120,000 for working triple duty. That’s about $40,000 per job! If there is anything we’ve learned today, it’s that sometimes a big payday often follows a small one, and Clooney followed up Good Night and Good Luck with a $15 million payday for Ocean’s Thirteen.