Kick Your Way Through The Greatest Martial Arts Films Ever!

When it comes to action movies, they’ve produced some of the greatest blockbusters of all-time. Films like Fast and the Furious, James Bond, and Avengers are a few that come to mind. One thing that those movies have in common is fighting. Kicks, punches, and flips sprinkled throughout various scenes is a common sight we see — the most spectacular views we’ve seen stem from some form of martial arts. For that, we have people like Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan to thank. The former helped pave the way for martial arts movies to become more popular and influence hundreds of other films. Here are the best martial arts films of all-time.

Fist Of Fury (The Chinese Connection)

Fist of Fury
Fist of Fury

We’ll kick things off with Bruce Lee’s second film. Fist of Fury (The Chinese Connection) features the up and coming star fighting for the honor of China while also avenging the death of his instructor.

Lee’s arsenal of sensational skills is on full display in this one. He has a moment where he takes out an entire Japanese dojo, and the impressive thing is that he choreographed the whole thing himself! Much like Chuck Norris, Lee is someone we’d never want to upset.