The Greatest Action Stars Ever Make The Impossible Look Easy

From Indiana Jones to John McClane to John Wick, action heroes have always fascinated cinemagoers. The actors behind these heroes test the physical limits of their bodies to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. From Tom Cruise’s insistence on performing his own stunts to Keanu Reeves’ dedication to training, the greatest action stars always find a way to make the outlandish seem plausible. This is a list of the best of the best to ever kick butt and take names!

Jackie Chan Mixes Action With Laughs

rush-hour jackie chan

Jackie Chan made waves in the United States with the sleeper hit Rumble in the Bronx in 1995. A few years later he broke out big with the action-comedy Rush Hour, a massive hit that spawned two sequels.

Chan continued to leave his mark with action comedies, often pairing up with other up-and-coming stars like Own Wilson (Shanghai Noon) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Tuxedo). In more recent years, Chan has taken more movie roles in his native China, but the impact that he has left on American cinema is undeniable.