Grandparents Who Clearly Have Life All Figured Out

Whether we accept it or not, one day we’ll wake up no longer in the days of our youth. Our hair will be grey (if it’s there at all), our collagen will be depleted, and our joints will be stiff. That thought doesn’t have to get you down though! One look at these badass grandparents and you’ll see that growing old doesn’t have to be a bad thing—in fact, it actually looks pretty awesome. See for yourself.

“Sorry, Can’t, I’m Busy”


When you’re in your youth, there’s a certain pressure to go out on the weekends… even if you really just want to stay in and binge watch Netflix while eating no less than 13 servings of popcorn. This grandma knows her priorities and she’s not afraid to decline your invitation to hang out to do what she really wants.