Gorgeous Stunt Women You Don’t Want To Mess With

Stunt work is dangerous, but someone’s got to do it. Behind every great action film is a stuntwoman who risked her life to pull off dangerous feats we’d only dare to attempt if we’re playing video games. These action movie heroines (let’s be real, they’re the actual stars) have fearlessly pushed their bodies to the limit for the art of film.

These gorgeous stuntwomen are people you don’t want to mess with.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one bad babe. The actress is undeniably talented. She won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for her role in Monster, but she’s also a queen when it comes to action movies. Theron isn’t the kind of gal who has others stand in for her. When filming Atomic Blonde, the actress did nearly all of her own stunts.

According to Atomic Blonde stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave, Theron did “98 percent of her own action, including fighting, running and those kinds of things.” Unfortunately, there’s a couple of things Theron couldn’t do for insurance reasons (mainly falling down stairs or swinging from a height), but there’s no doubt that if they let her, she would. The South-African star admitted that performing her own stunts has led to cracked teeth, bruised ribs and a twisted knee – but still, she’s fearless.