Google’s Happiest Accidents

Have you ever tried to Google something, but a typo led you in a completely different direction? These people certainly have and you will see that their search bar mistakes have led to some pretty hilarious results! Just imagine what might pop up if you flub your search for “buttonhole”!

“Dog Breeds”


Twitter/ @PinkMiruku

Imagine your surprise when looking up dog breeds for a potential new pet, but accidentally typing “bread” instead of “breed” and having this image pop up. Startling? Yes. But the longer you stare the more hilarious it becomes. This loaf of corgi is staring at you knowingly, convincing you that this is what you were searching for all along…

“Cargo Shorts”


Twitter/ @DannyPage

It’s that time of year again when you got to stock up on your cargo shorts, so you get on Google to look for the best deals and the latest styles. Unfortunately, you were still thinking about the loaf of corgi you accidentally found earlier and happened to type “corgi shorts” in the search bar.

“Nice Clothes”


Twitter/ @authorlauraholt

So someone said you needed to dress a little nicer and wondering what they meant by that, you bring up Google to look up “nice clothes.” However, you accidentally type in “mice” instead of “nice” and well, let’s just say there are people out there who made Stuart Little-sized sweaters. An accidental Google search will show you that people are knitting up some pretty weird stuff…

“Danny DeVito”


Twitter/ @SirBenHaddad

Maybe you’ve seen him on the latest episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and know you’ve seen him in other stuff but can’t quite place your finger on it. Google would surely help with that, but we guess your munchies got in the way of spelling Mr. DeVito’s name correctly.

“Han Solo”


Twitter/ @dee_mccullay

We get it. You’re super excited about the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. So to prepare, you wanted to soak up as much Star Wars as you can and you Googled Harrison Ford’s character but that didn’t work out as you expected. Fortunately, there were people out there interested in a “hammy” version of the character as well.



Twitter/ @Eponine3193You’ve really been into knitting lately and decide some buttons would really complement that sweater you made for your pet mouse. Of course, you need buttonholes if you’re going to add buttons but unfortunately, you missed a couple letters on that search and well, let’s just say you weren’t expecting this. Just make sure you know how to spell the names of people when you’re looking them up, at least.



Twitter/ @TroyBoyMartin

It’s time to freshen up your look but you don’t want to go to your hairdresser and get the same old thing. So you decide to look for some new and exciting looks, but this is the Internet and somehow your fingers are compelled to misspell “haircuts” and type “haircats” instead.



Twitter/ @GaryDower

You wanted to brush up on your computer skills and decided to look up “Javascript” because, in your mind, it’s still 1999. Anyway, the “b” is next to “v” on a standard keyboard so we can understand how easy it was to misspell that. But can you say you’re mad at this result?

“Ariana Grande”


Twitter/ @ShaikHamzah

How could anyone mistake Ariana Grande with Gandhi? Apparently, some people already have and have given the Internet this ghastly image of Mahatma Gandhi’s face on Ariana Grande’s head, signature high-pony and all. Needless to say, it’s not a bad look for him but we’re not sure it would have been comfortable. Imagine what comes up if you misspell Barack Obama’s name!



Twitter/ @haileehenson

We’re not sure how anyone can accidentally search for “Spongedog” instead of “Spongebob,” but someone did and found this. We’re puzzled, you’re probably puzzled, but now we just have to move on and accept that someone really did this to their poor, innocent dog. People have a lot of time on their hands.

“Tom Hanks”


Twitter/ @jackieuribee

Tom Hanks is quite a prolific actor, but unfortunately, his last name rhymes with too many things. So can you say you’d be surprised to see this if you accidentally looked up “Tom Tanks”? Someone on the Internet apparently thought this was necessary, considering the potential confusion and to that person, we say “tank” you.

“Barack Obama”


Twitter/ @NoahMoyer

Someone must have been living under a rock for the last eight years for them to not know how to spell Obama’s first name. Bless the users of the Internet for this innocent mistake and the trolls out there who make images like this. “Baroque” Obama looks like he stepped right out of the 17th century. Obama’s not the only political figure to have his name blundered…

“The Last Supper”


Twitter/ @ChrisMcHenry

The Last Supper is a classic painting that is hung in many dining rooms. Someone apparently decided The Last Supper would look better had it been painted with dogs. After all, dog spelled backward is God, right? So this picture makes perfect sense. How could anyone be disappointed in a happy accident like this when surfing the web?

Lana Del Rey


Twitter/ @jadengo_

This one was bound to happen the moment Lana Del Rey became popular. Who wouldn’t notice that her name rhymes with llama? We’d be surprised if the singer didn’t already make this comparison, go out and purchase a pet llama, then name it after herself. That’s what we would do if we were her.

“Steven Seagal”


Twitter/ @ZuluFarmer

Someone tried to look up Steven Seagal but because the actor’s last name is too close to “seagull,” we’re sure you know why this search came up. All of Seagal’s best expressions are pasted on to the heads of seagulls because apparently someone else knew that this was bound to happen. See who else’s name was hilariously mistaken for a marine-related term as well!

“Cast Game Of Thrones”


Twitter/ @SFXbelle

This person was just trying to look up the cast members of Game of Thrones, but made the honest mistake of switching the “s” and the “t” in “cast.” Well, with the Internet’s obsession with cats, are you really surprised that someone out there found cats that look like each of the cast members?

“Michael K. Williams”


Twitter/ @greg_hound

Have you ever seen actor Michael K. Williams on The Wire or Boardwalk Empire and wonder where the scar on his forehead came from? This person did, but instead of typing in “scar” they found Michael K. William’s wearing an array of scarves. Maybe this is to distract you from his scar.

“Ted Cruz”


Twitter/ @KaeStrain

This person apparently didn’t know the right way to spell Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s last name, thinking that he probably spelled it the same way Tom Cruise does. Someone on the Internet must have thought someone else would make that mistake and luckily, they made this image. We wonder how many people would board this ship?



Twitter/ @julialoneman

Somehow Birkenstocks were resurrected from the ’90s and became the trendiest sandals of the 2010s. This person wanted in on the trend and was probably on Google to look for the best deals, but they missed the letter “t” in the name. They weren’t disappointed by the results since they found this cozy alternative.



Twitter/ @JohnTate_

Someone’s got to be pretty out of it if they hop on Google to search for Google. A lot of people sometimes forget that Google is more or less the most widely used search engine and they probably use it so much that they forget they’re already on it.