Going, Going, Gone! These Are The Greatest Home Run Derby Moments In History

What’s your favorite part of the MLB-All-Star break? Is it the game, where players try to get through nine innings without getting hurt? Or is it the home run derby, where the strongest hitters come to blow the stitches off some balls? If you’re a fan of baseballs getting crushed beyond recognition, then you’ll want to know the greatest moments in derby history. You won’t believe who holds the record for most home runs ever!

Cal Ripken Doubles Up The Competition

Photo Credit: Focus on Sport/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Cal Ripken Jr. wasn’t known as a power hitter during his Hall of Fame career, but that didn’t stop him from winning the 1991 Home Run Derby. MLB’s “Iron Man” hit 12 home runs, more than doubling runner-up Paul O’Neill, who only managed five. The competition wasn’t nationally telecast that year, but Ripken made national headlines.

Ripken Jr. won more than the just the derby in 1991. During the season he blasted 34 home runs and drove in 114 runs. He didn’t win the World Series (the Twins did) but did win the MVP award. Our next ball buster won it all in front of his hometown crowd!