Gender-Bending Stars: Your Favorite Celebs Dressed In Drag

There are a number of celebrities who have dressed up as the opposite sex, whether for a role, event, or photo shoot. While sometimes it’s for comedic purposes or shock value, other times it’s to make a heartfelt statement. whatever the case, it’s always fun to see some of our favorite stars dressed in drag. Which ones do you think nailed it?

My First Day As A Woman, And I’m Getting Hot Flashes


There’s no doubt that the 1993 comedy Mrs. Doubtfire was a smash hit thanks to Robin Williams’ hilarious portrayal of a female housekeeper who infiltrates the home of his ex-wife in order to spend time with his children. He may not have made the most attractive woman, but he still managed to be believable, and more importantly, lovable. Fans fell in love with the character. While it was not the first mainstream film to portray a man in drag, it was one of the first hit family films to do so and paved the way for a number of films to follow.

Do you remember Angelina Jolie’s transformation in Salt?