For Richer, Not Poorer: Celebrities Who [Allegedly] Married For Money

One of Kanye West’s most famous songs is called “Gold Digger,” which many celebrities can relate to, as they are famously plagued by those who want a piece of their wealth. Check out this list of people who allegedly married celebrities for wealth and those who upped their net worth by finding a significant other with a desirable bank account. Political figures, movie stars, models and tech moguls, this list has got it all!

Mariah Carey And James Packer Call It Off

Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Mariah Carey has a massive reputation as a diva who demands the finest of all that life has to offer at all times. Of course, some might argue that Mariah has earned such a reputation with her amazing voice. Mariah married comedian and television presenter Nick Cannon back in 2008 and are co-parenting their twins after filing for divorce in 2014. At the time, many rumors flew around that Nick had married Mariah for her money as she was the more successful one in the relationship. More recently, Mariah became engaged to billionaire businessman James Packer. However, the two later did not follow through with the nuptials after it was rumored Mariah did not want to sign a prenuptial agreement and was interested in James for his money.