Find Out The Truth About The Life And Heartbreak Of Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is one of the most famous and beloved country singers on the scene right now. His best-known songs are “Country Girl (Shake It for Me),” “Drink A Beer,” “All My Friends Say,” and “This Is How We Roll,” which is a collaboration with Florida Georgia Line.

Even though Luke Bryan is known for his upbeat songs, he’s actually had quite a tragic upbringing. Keep reading to find out more about how this man became the person he is today.

The Childhood Years

Photo by Jessica Sigmon Wallace/WireImage
Photo by Jessica Sigmon Wallace/WireImage

Thomas Luther Bryan was born in 1976. He had two siblings— his sister Kelly, who was born nine years earlier than him, and his brother Chris, who was born seven years earlier than him. His father co-owned and ran a peanut processing plant.

Luke worked at the peanut plant when he was a teenager. When Luke was a baby, he was often sick and his mother would sing “Rock of Ages” to help soothe him to sleep.