Fights From The NHL That Make Boxing Look Boring

The NHL is one of the most exciting sports to watch. The game is fast, the goals are furious, and the fights are ferocious! In fact, fighting has become such a staple in hockey that refs don’t break them up right away. Players are allowed to throw their helmets off and swing wildly at each other. In fact, jerseys are now specially designed so they cannot be pulled over a players head during a fight. Stats are even kept for each player and how many fights they have been in! Basically, fans love hockey fights. With that in mind, we know you will love this list of the best NHL fights of all time.

McSorley Gets McHit

B Bennett/Getty Images
B Bennett/Getty Images

Marty McSorley is widely considered one of the dirtiest players of all time. During his career, he found himself in a number of brawls. None more entertaining this one. His sights set on Toronto Maple Leaf Doug Gilmour during the playoffs, McSorley laid down a brutal hit on the defenseless player.

With their best player down and their playoffs hopes dead, Wendel Clark did what good teammates do, got into a fight. Despite being incredibly undersized, Clark threw his helmet down and unloaded a fury of right hooks on McSorley. The refs let the fight go on until Clark pulled his opponent’s jersey off. This one was truly a fight for the ages!