Facts About Undercover Boss That Deserve A Raise

Undercover Boss premiered on CBS in 2010 and is still going strong today. With over 100 episodes produced and aired, the show has proven to be both popular and eye-opening. The premise sees bosses of large companies go undercover to experience a day in their employees’ shoes. The results almost always see the disguised boss blesses his or her staff with gifts and bonuses at the end of each episode. But what happens after? Has the show ever gotten any bosses in trouble? Read on to learn the truth about one of the most popular reality shows of the last decade!

It’s A Spin-Off Of A British Show

undercover boss started in the uk
Channel 4
Channel 4

The massively popular of Undercover Boss that airs in the United States is actually based on a British show with the same name. That show first aired in 2009 and came up with the idea of bosses going “undercover” to experience a day in the life of their employees.

The British original series aired until 2014 and consisted of 33 episodes. While that show has since been dwarfed by its American counterpart, it nonetheless was the launching board for the mega-franchise.