Say Hello To 2020 And Goodbye To These Netflix Movies And Shows

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services, reaching 130 million paying customers around the world. They’ll be starting the 2020 new year with a bang, removing some of the beloved movies they’ve offered for years, along with a few shows. These include works from every genre, including charmers like Billy Elliot, dramas like Blood Diamond, and classics like Ocean’s Eleven and Pulp Fiction. Here are some of the best flicks you’ll want to catch before they leave Netflix in January.

About A Boy

A young boy waves at a doorstep.
Universal Studios
Universal Studios

One of Hugh Grant’s most charming flicks (and that’s saying something), About A Boy is the tale of an unexpected relationship between a preteen boy and a bachelor with a large inheritance and an isolated lifestyle.

Young Nicholas Hoult is both adorable and profound as Marcus. Toni Collete does a marvelous job, as usual, portraying an emotionally distressed single mother. And Rachel Weisz is, well, as irresistible as ever. Catch this lighthearted but moving film before it leaves Netflix on January first.