Epic Halloween Costume Fails

Halloween is a time when you can let your creative juices flow and escape the day-to-day monotony by becoming someone else for a little while. Sure, there are plenty of Halloween sites and stores that have hundreds of costumes to choose from, but why not be unique and make your own? You don’t have to be a skilled seamstress either—all you need is a little creativity, right? Eh, not always… Sometimes, despite your best efforts, that epic Halloween costume you thought up doesn’t really work out quite the way you planned. Here are some of the most epic Halloween costume fails to ever happen.


Alright, so we have to say that we appreciate homegrown attempts at costumes rather than opting for a store-bought version—but sometimes you’re better off leaving it to the pros. This homemade version of Homer Simpson is a whole lot creepier than it should be.


While we have to admit the eyeballs, nose, and hair are kind of creative, this costume is still a bit unnerving as a whole. Something we love about Homer Simpson is that he is ridiculously lovable despite his shortcomings, but this Homer is just all wrong.

Squad Goals?

Alright, so these costumes definitely fit into the whole “so-bad-they’re-good” category. Between the wigs, Cinderella showing some (hairy) leg, Jasmine’s (enviable?) midriff, and the bewildered look on Mulan’s face, this group failed and nailed it all at once.


We don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or close our eyes in horror while looking at these dudes. One thing is for sure though, this group of friends clearly knows how to have a good time and loves to get a good laugh out of everyone the meet.

That’s One Way To Throw Together A Quick Costume

We know many of the moms out there have been in a situation in which you want to create the most amazing costume for your child, but you really don’t have the time or the funds to pull it off right. If you are super creative you can still find a way to make them look adorable. If not, that’s when you go for the clearance bin at the Halloween store.


This kids’ parents did neither, instead choosing the absolute cheapest option possible. At least this little one is too young to know how ridiculous it looks.

The Fastest Man Alive

We’re not really sure what happened here. Perhaps this guy really wanted to be the Flash, but they only had kids sizes at the store. Or maybe he didn’t realize that he accidentally picked up the “sexy” version of the costume. He probably should’ve just cut his losses and settled on something else.


Though the valiant attempt on hiding the mishap through drawing in some abs is hilariously applaudable. He should’ve tried Mariah Carey’s trick and airbrushed them on top of his gut. One thing’s for sure, he’s really getting into character.

Not So Lovable Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is a character adored by both the young and old alike. He’s cute, he’s sweet, and he represents all things innocent. This costume strips away that innocence. In fact, it is beyond disturbing. The costume itself makes me uneasy, but that makeup is the stuff of nightmares. Any kid who looks up and sees that will forever be terrified of Pooh.


Was he trying to be a zombie version of him? Because even someone terrible at makeup could have chosen a few better colors. And what is up with red line down his chin… is that meant to be blood?

She’s Going HAM

We’re not sure what the thought process behind this costume was. It’s possible the young woman was invited to a Halloween party and had to throw something together last minute using only what she had around her house. But uh…perhaps the only thing she could think of to transform into a costume was this strange rose-colored fabric? Or maybe, she just really likes ham?


Look, we’re really not here to judge. We’re just a group of curious folks who want to know why on earth this gal is parading around in a ham suit. Some things are better left unknown.

Edgar Allen Underdressed Poe

The hair and ‘stache are all on point. The fake raven is a nice touch and really solidifies the fact that he is playing Edgar Allen Poe. But the outfit… not so much. We get it—ladies have all these sexy versions of every costume, and guys don’t get to show off their stuff like they do. But in this case, it throws off what could’ve been a really great costume.


Now, we bet no one really got who he was. Maybe it’s a mishap of sorts, or perhaps he really was going for “sexy” Edgar Allen Poe?

Twist On A Classic

This costume had so much potential. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is an adorable and unique choice for a kid’s Halloween costume (though honestly, does the kid have any clue who he is?) And while the TP rolls are a clever way to mimic that ridiculous rolled white hairstyle they wore back in the day, it takes a conceivably classy costume and makes it silly.

But we guess that makes more sense for a kid anyway, now that we think about it. But it looks like they put some effort into the clothing… why not just buy a wig to match? If it were our child, we would’ve done the wig, and then some blood and zombie makeup, and had Mozart risen from the grave!

The God Of Garbage

Ok people, what’s up with the cheapskates not willing spend a few bucks on a crappy Halloween store wig? You don’t have to go all out and get an expensive human hair wig. But a yellow plastic bag? Really? We actually kind of like the CDs, though—they really do resemble those strange circular patterns on Thor’s outfit.

But this guy clearly has some creative capabilities judging by the hammer he made (though we can’t really see all of it, so maybe it is terrible too). A little effort in the hair would’ve helped, like maybe the bottom of a mop dyed yellow…

That’s No Jedi

Anyone who opts to represent a Star Wars character on Halloween is A-ok in our book, but this is just disturbing. We really wish we could see the person’s whole body because we’re not really sure how those little hands are working. But we get it, even if it is weird looking, Yoda is little. But that makeup is just awful.

Kudos for painting his face green rather than wrapping it in green plastic or something weird like that, but those little black markings don’t look right. Perhaps he should’ve asked someone who is at least decent with makeup to help him out. Oh, and shaving would’ve really helped too.

Budget Man

As we’ve already said, we understand that sometimes you have a limited budget and a big imagination when it comes to costumes. And despite the fact that it looks like this person put a lot of effort (and some artistic skill) into this Iron Man outfit, there are a ton of other choices that could’ve been made to make it look a bit more authentic, or just not quite as ridiculous. Sticking construction paper all over should not be the final option.


Take a trip to Good Will and see what you can find. All of the time put into this could have been spent on dying some fabric instead!

Bouncy Bouncy

Another adult turning a kid’s beloved character (and another Winnie the Pooh character, mind you) into something perverse. The top half looks like it came from a kid’s costume that he clearly doesn’t fit him. What’s with these guys and their need to show off their bellies?


And this particular guy must’ve gotten lazy, and didn’t even attempt to find Tigger themed underwear. Instead, he just threw on a pair of Spiderman undies and called it a day. If you’re going to go for something like this, go for it all the way. And another creepy expression.

A Recipe For Trauma

Here’s a prime example of parents who should never make their kids’ costumes. That “Oreo” is just a giant paper cut out, and it looks so terrible that they actually had to spell out what it was for people to get it (with terrible letting to boot). And I honestly can’t tell if that’s a hat or something in the background. And what’s she supposed to be? Skittles? Gumballs?

That poor kid’s mouth is completely covered, and with all that plastic wrap, we bet she can barely move. Judging by the boy’s expression, this night led to many years’ worth of trauma.

Word Play

We’re kind of torn on this “cereal killer” costume. Part of us hates it, and part of us thinks it’s genius. We mean, it’s totally witty and incredibly cheap – just some mini cereal boxes and some plastic knives. But it totally seems like something he decided to throw together right before heading to a Halloween party.

He’s most likely a frat boy or a previous frat boy who’s having a hard time moving on in life. He definitely could’ve put a bit more effort into the clothing choice instead of a boring shirt and jeans. But we guess minimal effort was the goal.

Uh…Batter Up?

It’s not that easy dressing up for Halloween when you have a bun in the oven. You can try to hide the giant baby bump, which often looks ridiculous, or play it up and make it a central focus in your costume. That’s obviously what this couple tried to do but just made a pretty poor choice. It’s not even creepy, just wrong.

And aside from that, they put no effort into it. He could have at least dressed like a real professional baseball player instead of throwing on a worn-out green tank top. The painting of the ball looks kind of decent at least, so there’s one point.

Just Take It Off

Since when did ghosts begin to wear bikinis? The original idea of wearing the sheet and making yourself a “ghost” is appreciated but these women (we’re hoping they’re women) took it a little too far.

Ghosts don’t have the capacity to be trying on bikinis, who’s pool are they going to use? If you see a ghost in your pool, please be sure and check to see if you have a pulse. This is more of a fail than a creative idea so we’re sorry ladies. Try again next year and try not to be so creepy.

Oh No!

Is he serious? This is cringe-worthy. Hopefully, his friends enjoyed this idea and some random strangers because otherwise, this is a complete fail. What parent is going to want to see your huge red bare belly strutting around imitating an icon? This guy has to go somewhere and we suggest back home to put a shirt back on.

Untitled-23-design-34142 (1)

They have shirts made of the Kool-aid man already. He could have just bought one to avoid the humiliation. Still, we know people will be laughing so if his intent was to make people smile, he passed but are they laughing at him or with him? FAIL.

Are You Going To Eat That?

Scott Summers or as many know him, “Cyclops” is an X-Man. A mutant with the ability to shoot high powered lasers from his eyes. Which is why he wears that cool laser sight across his eyes. Sadly, this poor soul brought shame to the Summers name.

This is a fail on all scales but we can’t knock his idea completely because who else would have thought of this? Another thing, is he supposed to hold the hotdog there the whole time or did he find a way to make it stay? The real Cyclops would not approve of this.

Super Saiyan Or Super Fail?

We’ll start by saying he gets points for creativity but that’s it. Goku, who you see on the left is an anime character and quite frankly, one of the most popular ones ever. He has the ability to increase his power drastically by transforming into a Super Saiyan.

In that process, his hair goes from black to gold. This kid grabbed a batch of bananas and some yellow paper to change his hair color. Once again, is he supposed to hold it that way the whole time he’s wearing it or just not make any sudden movements?

The Black Widow Challenge

Everyone raise their hand if they think they can pull of a Black Widow rendition for Halloween! We don’t know how many hands were raised but we think its very close to none. Anyone who tries to pull off whatever Scarlett Johansson does, nine times out of ten ends up as a fail.


The girl trying to pull this off is no Avenger but she is a special type of hero for attempting this! Johansson is a unique work of art. Meaning, not everyone can do what she does.

The Dragon Jokester

We hope she wasn’t as serious as her face implies. She is far from a dragon queen. That toy purple dragon is what makes this a fail. Any other dragon that almost resembles a real (oxymoron?) dragon would have been 100 times better but she went the route unventured and chose an obese Spyro doll.


The face she uses for the picture fits well and so does the hair. It’s just that one aspect that makes this just as much of a fail as all the other ones on here. Nice try though, lady.

Someone Come Get This Cat

Meowth was the malicious Pokemon apart of the evil empire set on capturing the main character’s prized Pikachu. Meowth wasn’t the strongest or the quickest. He wasn’t anything to put things bluntly. He was more of a comedic relief, plus he was one of the only Pokemon that could talk.

What’s really funny here, however, is this guy tried to be a Meowth. Is that chalk on his body and a latex glove on his hand? From a first glance, only a Pokemon fan might be able to catch who he is while everyone else might ask if he needs help.

Babies And Pumpkins

Pumpkins are in everything around Halloween time. They’re in pies, lattes and anything else you spice up with pumpkin. This time the tables are turned. Babies are inside of pumpkins! The only thing is, these babies don’t seem to fond of being inside of this spooky fruit. It looks like only one baby is enjoying this idea.

What we’re unsure of is whether or not this is their costumes or if this was just for a photo. Either way, the photo looks to have failed and the costumes are a fail too because they are not happy!

Knockoff Wolverine

This is the outfit someone puts together when they realized the fine print on the party flyer says, “free entry with a costume!” This guy could have tried way harder. It looks like he’s just wearing his regular outfit he chose for the day and went through his drawers to put together “claws”.

Whoever let him out the house like this on Halloween should also be embarrassed. He might have been better off just going as himself. This is a joke to those who have pulled off a great Wolverine costume before. And to you before him, we are sorry.

What Are You, Bro?

You ever drive past a help wanted sign on an establishment that seems to always be there? And then you start to wonder, why haven’t they found the help they are looking for? Well, that is about to be us until someone can explain what in the world this guy is supposed to be?


He has on a dress, sandals with socks, makeup and he is attempting a weird pose. Perhaps he didn’t want to be the only one out of his friends that didn’t have a costume so he threw on this fail. Can anyone help and tell us what this is?

Are You A Belieber?

This guy only failed because no one recognized who he was. The idea is there and so is the haircut, honestly. But would you have guessed he was supposed to be Justin Bieber? His Instagram post read, “Very few people could tell I was trying to be Justin Bieber #halloweenfail.” Even he acknowledged it was a fail.

A comment from another Instagram user, @vivianahn said, “I want to see this in person. Too bad I was in the courthouse. I want to laugh out loud soooooooo bad!” You aren’t the only one who would have liked to see this in person.

What The Shell?

@Maranated wrote on her Instagram caption under this picture, “not my best work. #coneshell #Halloweenfail.” We couldn’t have said it any better. Not your best work is an understatement.

All she did was take a sheet of some sort and shade in black blotches. And of all the creatures and objects that the sea provides us, she chose one of the most obscure ones. Many choose to be a mermaid, while others might be a pirate. Who has ever wanted to be one of these shells? Please, try better next year or have someone else make your outfit.

Did You Poke Holes?

This has last-minute costume written all over it. The man realized he needed a costume the moment he opened the bag of candy to pass out to kids who were coming to his house. He grabbed the plastic bag and placed it on his head as if he were too ugly and the bag was a paper bag.

This is a fail on a huge scale. For one, he could die if he can’t breathe correctly. Secondly, he looks creepy with that smile and the bag on his head. We hope he didn’t actually go out like this.

Just What Exactly…

This is hilarious. The magnitude of fail involved in this picture brings forth a certain amount of laughter NSFW. There is no way he can actually take this costume outside because those chairs won’t agree with that.

This is just a costume used to take pictures. This is the same kid who did the Meowth idea earlier so clearly, he has a knack for thinking up Halloween fail ideas. We want him to come up with more ideas every year so we can help him showcase to the world how funny this is.

Not What She Expected

This is a true example of not getting what you asked for. This woman was led to believe that this wig on her head was a Marilyn Monroe Wig. Her Instagram read, “This was supposed to be a Marilyn Monroe wig. . .”

That’s more of an Adam’s family wig. It looks like she is having an incredibly bad hair day. Even on Monroe’s bad days, we don’t think she had hair that looked this rough. Her face is so sad but we can’t let that veer us from counting this a fail.

Creepy Bert And Ernie

These are supposed to be beloved children’s characters. They are not supposed to look like serial murders. And the fact that he is holding a rubber duck makes it even more creepy. Their eyes are all out of proportion. The only thing that is acceptable about these fails are the outfits they managed to put together.

We’d advise anyone going down Sesame Street to turn back around if they saw these two walking in their direction. We’re not saying the people are crazy, they just look completely manic. Please, do not do this again any other year.

This Is No Sith Lord

There isn’t much we could say or anyone for that matter, that can justify this abysmal failure. This guy pretty much picked up some sunglasses, put a bucket on his head and found a broomstick and said, “well, looks like I’m ready for Halloween!” The only thing is, he was completely wrong.

Not even he can try and make sense of this. The only reason we knew he was supposed to be Darth Vader is that the images were already comparing and contrasting. The real Darth Vader would not have any of this.