Ed O’Neill Took A Picture With A Fan Only To Later Realize That Shes Famous

Ed O’Neill is known for his role as Al Bundy in Married…with Children and more recently as Jay Pritchett in the sitcom Modern Family. With the fame Ed has accumulated through the years, you’d think he’s used to having fans come up to him, asking for pictures. The thing is, he usually keeps to himself.

However, one day, a fan came up to him in the airport asking for a photo. He agreed, having no idea that this wasn’t a typical fan. It wasn’t until the picture went viral that he learned the truth.

Ed O’Neill Had No Clue Who Asked Him For A Picture

Ed O'Neil Had No Clue Who Asked Him For A Picture

Modern Family star Ed O’Neill was waiting for his flight in an airport lounge when a fan approached him, asking for a picture. Being in his position, it wasn’t an abnormal request, so he agreed. The excited fan quickly thanked him for the shot and left him alone.

It wasn’t much later that the mystery fan posted the photo to social media. And, in typical social media fashion, the internet went wild about the mystery fan’s identity.