Don’t Try This At Home: The Most Dangerous Viral Challenges

The Internet can beautiful, educational, and hilarious place…or it can be extremely dark and even dangerous. While some use it to promote ideas, be creative, and spread knowledge, others use it to upload dangerous Internet challenges for people to try. Not only are these challenges stupid, but they are incredibly risky and have lead to countless hospitalizations and even some deaths. From choking your friend until they pass out to eating a spiked cactus, these are the most dangerous viral challenges. Please don’t try these at home.

The Duct Tape Challenge

The duct tape challenge is not necessarily a new challenge, but it has resurfaced on Facebook and YouTube in recent years. The object of the challenge is to duct tape someone to a chair and watch as they try to get out of the bindings. Sounds like a bad idea, right? In 2016, 14-year-old Skylar Fish and his friends attempted to replicate this challenge and duct taped Fish while he was standing up. He ended up falling, causing him to slam his head on a window frame and then the concrete. The fall crushed his eye socket, caused a brain aneurysm, and required 48 stitches in his head. He recovered but is lucky to be alive.