Don’t Hate Yourself, But Placing A Bet On These Wagers Would Have Made You Significantly Richer

Sports betting isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of courage to risk your hard earned money on an outcome that isn’t certain. That’s why you leave the wagering to those who are willing to take a loss and know a thing or two about sports. However, some of the most profitable bets are those that not even experts in the field could have foreseen. So maybe, betting is for you and you can be the next person to cash out on wagers that can make you filthy rich.

Lesnar Beats Undertaker

Lesnar Beats Undertaker

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For Wrestlemania XXX, there was a match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar that made some people rich. The Undertaker had been riding a 21 win streak and was undefeated at the event. To fans, it also didn’t seem like the WWE was moving forward with Lesnar.

Because of all that, betting odds gave Lesnar 500 to 1 at upsetting The Undertaker. That means if you bet $10 you would win $5,010. Lesnar ended up pinning The Undertaker and prompted some of the craziest reactions ever.

Cardinals Do The Unthinkable

Cardinals Do The Unthinkable

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With only 15 games left in the regular season, the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals were five games behind the wild card spot. That means a lot had to happen for them to even sneak into the playoffs. However, that didn’t stop a gentleman from betting on the Cardinals to win the World Series.

He didn’t stop there; he also made a bet on them to win their division. The odds were at 500 to 1 for the conference bet, and the World Series bet was 999 to 1. And like that, the Cardinals snuck into the playoffs and won the whole thing.

Nadal Gets Stunned By Fernando Verdasco



Sports betting website Odds Shark had Fernando Verdasco beating Rafael Nadal at +550 back in 2015. The stage was the Australian Open, and even though Nadal was struggling up until that point, they still favored him. And when we say struggling, we mean not qualifying for a single final in a major in 2015.

To make things even worse, the head-to-head record between them had Nadal up 14-2. Losing wasn’t an option… until it happened. Nadal had the lead but couldn’t close out, allowing Verdasco to pick up steam and win. With those odds, betting $500 could have made you $3,000 richer.

Stanford Rallies Against USC


Charles Baus/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

The USC and Stanford college football rivalry is long-standing. When the two teams face-off, it’s rarely a dull game. Usually, playoff hopes are on the line, and the other team is trying to sabotage. In 2007, Stanford was the underdog, and their odds of winning were at 100 to 1 (they were a 41-point underdog.)

USC came out the gate hard and looked like they were in control the whole game. By the 4th quarter, USC had a nine-point lead that would soon vanish. Stanford scored ten and took the victory, making many people who bet on them happy campers.

All Money On Tyson


In Mike Tyson’s prime, no one could keep up with him. He was a real beast in human form. From his crazy interviews to his in-ring antics, Tyson was the last guy to bet against. When 1990 came around, he and Buster Douglas had a match in the Toyko Dome. Tyson headed into the bout 37-0.

Douglas was 42 to 1 underdog, and all of Las Vegas had their money on Iron Mike. To everyone’s disbelief, Douglas pulled off one of the biggest upsets in history. He knocked out Tyson in the tenth round and won the Heavyweight Title.

This next fight was an even bigger shock…

Holm Shocks The World

Holm Shocks The World

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When Ronda Rousey was tearing up the UFC circuit, knocking people out in less than a minute, anybody who faced her was an enormous underdog. When Holly Holm was her next opponent, Rousey was at -2000 odds of winning. “You would win a measly five dollars if you bet $100 on Rousey to win,” Nick Schwartz of USA Today wrote.

Knowing that it made no sense to bet on Rousey, the smart move would have been to spend a little on Holm. Because as Schwartz said, “it’s actually more worth your while to place a small bet on Holm (currently +900), as a $10 bet could make you 90 bucks.” Look what Holm did.

The Brady Bunch Fail

The Brady Bunch Fail

John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Whenever the Super Bowl comes around, there are always wild props to bet. For example, you can wager on what song the halftime performer will sing first. For Super Bowl XLVI, the most exciting and profitable prop was how the first points would be scored.

The odds were at 50 to 1 and even 75 to 1 in some places for the first points coming from a safety. Interestingly enough, a safety was how the Giants scored first against the Patriots. One person made $50,000 from a $1,000 bet.

Y.E. Yang Surprises Everyone

Y.E. Yang Surprises Everyone

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In 2009, Tiger Woods was still the favorite to win any of the tours he participated in. Woods won the PGA Tour Player of the Year that year as well. When the final round of the PGA Championships came, Woods was two strokes ahead of the competition.

Enter Y.E. Yang who had 125 to 1 odds of winning the tournament. Woods began to struggle, and that’s when Yang catapulted to the lead. Those who kept faith in Yang the whole tournament saw a glorious return after his victory.

The Rams Pull It Off

The Rams Pull It Off

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

After having one of the worst seasons in franchise history in 1998, everyone wrote off the Rams. To make matters worse, their starting quarterback sustained an injury in the preseason the following year, forcing Kurt Warner to step in.

Las Vegas oddsmakers had the Rams at 300 to 1 to win the Super Bowl. The Rams shredded those odds and finished the season with only three losses. They then stormed into the Super Bowl and defeated the Titans in an instant classic.

In Cam We Trust


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No one knew what Cam Newton was going to bring to the table as starting quarterback for Auburn in 2010. Everyone was curious, but no one imagined he would lead them to the National Championship game.

Newton and the Auburn Tigers under head coach Gene Chizik were 40 to 1 underdogs heading into the game. That’s when Super Cam appeared and showed the world who they were about to see for the next decade in the NFL. The Tigers squashed the Ducks, and the rest is money in the bank.