Don’t Hate Yourself, But Placing A Bet On These Wagers Would Have Made You Significantly Richer

Sports betting isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of courage to risk your hard earned money on an outcome that isn’t certain. That’s why you leave the wagering to those who are willing to take a loss and know a thing or two about sports. However, some of the most profitable bets are those that not even experts in the field could have foreseen. So maybe, betting is for you and you can be the next person to cash out on wagers that can make you filthy rich.

Lesnar Beats Undertaker


JP Yim/Getty Images

For Wrestlemania XXX, there was a match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar that made some people rich. The Undertaker had been riding a 21 win streak and was undefeated at the event. To fans, it also didn’t seem like the WWE was moving forward with Lesnar.

Because of all that, betting odds gave Lesnar 500 to 1 at upsetting The Undertaker. That means if you bet $10 you would win $5,010. Lesnar ended up pinning The Undertaker and prompted some of the craziest reactions ever.